Guide to select Best Professional Wedding Photographer in India.☜➀☞ Perfect for Pre-wedding shoots, wedding poses with package in Delhi, Delhi NCR, Gurgaon.

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Wedding is the most important and memorable part in the life of any bride or bridegroom. Everyone wants to make it special in every possible way. Besides making it very special event, everyone wants to make it memorable one also. In India, Wedding ceremony is held with best reception and cheers. For guests and marrying couples, event becomes very special and memorable. In future, these precious moments can be recalled with the help of photographs/video available with you.

Especially for married couple, wedding photographs become really important since it is only way to recall those sweetest memories.

What if you choose unprofessional wedding photographer?

  • If photographer is not professional and captures your sweetest events in unprofessional way, then you always feel sad to see those photographs.
  • Maybe, it is fact that wedding reception was really nice and your wedding partner was also looking very beautiful or smart. But unprofessional photography will always make your feelings awkward. You will always find yourself blaming that “unprofessional photographer” for those clicks where your eyes were closed or your face was looking awkward.
  • Because of unprofessional photography, it becomes even more embarrassing when your close relative or friend says that married couple looks dull in photographs. It makes you feel embarrassed and you get feeling of doubt about your selection of wedding suits, make-up and marriage place.

So, unprofessional photography may spoil your lifetime event even if you tried your best to make it special. Hence, it is really important to choose best professional photographer in your wedding.

Firstly, we must show you one of Professional Photography sample that how a perfect wedding photography should look like for you!! Then, we will recommend even better choice in India at last of this article.

So, You must watch below Video first. This video is one of best example. Watch it complete –

Who are “Best Professional Wedding photographers” in India?

Following are the qualities that help you to decide whether any wedding photographer is professional and best suitable for you or not.

Quality #1 – Experience with great portfolio of Wedding Photography and Pre-wedding shoots:

  • Professional wedding photographers are well-experienced in their task and have good experience of covering many wedding events and pre-wedding shoots.
  • Their huge portfolio of covering previous marriages/wedding and pre-wedding shoots explains that they have maintained “Trust” of previous clients with full professionalism and good quality of service.

This experience helps them to take and decide “Perfect shot in single click” without asking marrying couple repeatedly for same pose. Since you are paying a premium price, then you are also expecting your wedding photographer to be “Best wedding photographer in India” and provide single package for all your needs including pre-wedding shoots.

Note– Every wedding photographer is not really professional in India. Someone might have opened their luxurious office in very nice location which may give you impression of their professionalism but it is not really guarantee. For a perfect shot, they may ask marrying couples repeatedly for same pose which becomes very irritating for marrying couples as well relatives. It may become totally embracing if they ask bridegroom to kiss marrying partner again and again for same shot. Since, they do not have good confidence on their clicks, they will always re-check shots and ask you to wait.

Hence, choosing experienced photographer with suitable experience is very important quality.


Quality #2 – Unique Poses & New Trendy Poses while Wedding Photography:

  • A good professional wedding photographer will always have some unique poses in their portfolio. They must have good practice of clicking these amazing and unique poses with perfection.
  • These new and unique poses should be a “wow” for all. It should be such photography that everyone of your relative will have a “wow word” after watching your wedding photos.

Special– Since photography is an art; professional wedding photographer should be very creative to generate these poses. Even though marrying couple is standing normally, they generate such an amazing pose that becomes totally amazing and unbelievable to all. They do not ask for many postures or movements for same pose. These professionals should be expert enough to re-locate themselves in such a way that “Perfect shot” is taken. They ensure “Perfect shot” by re-locating themselves and their camera without bothering couples too much.

Note- Some unprofessional photographers may ask marrying couple in same “uncomfortable posture” for longer duration. This uncomfortable posture for longer time may prove tiring for marrying couples and becomes harassment for them.Along with harassment feeling, it becomes matter of joke by some friends and relatives also.

If marrying couple stands or sits in uncomfortable position for longer duration to ensure “required pose”, it becomes shameful for them since repeated corrections by photographer makes other feel that marrying couple is not looking very smart/beautiful. And that may be reason that photographer is asking many corrections in same pose. If repeated shots are being taken for same required pose then guests try to doubt marrying couple’s beauty instead of doubting selection of unprofessional photographer.

Hence, choosing right professional photographer is really important to avoid embracement.


Quality #3 – Usage of Best Equipment like HD Camera, drone, multiple lenses, additional flashes, etc.:

  • Since you have paid a premium price for photography, then you want everything captured perfectly which is impossible without usage of best equipment for HD Camera, drone, multiple lenses, additional flashes, etc.
  • A professional wedding photographer will always ensure to use all latest equipment for their photography requirement. They will be using really nice and branded HD Camera equipped with combination of required lenses.
  • Needless to say that professional wedding photographer will be using all latest method of covering an event which includes drones, additional flashes, etc. By using such latest and high quality photography equipment, they ensure that best quality services are delivered to you.

Note- Some unprofessional photographers maybe using same Camera since last 3 years without upgrading it. It may be left unnoticed by you but it is an important aspect to consider that should be ensured by best professional wedding photographer. In every aspect, they should ensure that best quality services are delivered to you.


Quality #4 – Usage of Photo-editing skills/software by Wedding Photographers:

  • Since you have paid a premium price for photography, you require your photographer to use best/premium Photo-editing software available in photographing industry. Your memorable clicks must be handled by best skilled staff while editing these. There should not be any compromise with quality of work while editing these.
  • Some photographs require editing even though these photographs are taken by skilled and best professional photographer. Reason is very simple- Some photographs needs blurring or hiding some undesired backgrounds.

Importance of such necessary editing is felt whenever you are planning to have large portrait photo for your bedroom and you always find waiter in background. It becomes totally irritating since necessary editing is missing and you require photo to be re-edited by someone else.

But it should never be such a situation that you have paid premium price with intention but you are getting cheap results instead of getting premium services.

Note- Some unprofessional photographers do not stay updated with good photo-editing software and keep using that old software. Their photo-shoot may be very nice but their low-quality editing/editing by unskilled staff may result in low-quality result. Final photography album may be lacking necessary editing corrections which you will come to know later. You will find waiter/undesired people amid those clicks of precious moments.


Quality #5 – Attitude of photographers while covering your wedding event:

  • Since photography is an art, it sometimes brings some ego in the attitude of photographer. Best photographers always have high level of confidence which sometimes covert into ego factor.  But this ego may result in huge embracement when some relative of yours ask the photographer for repeated photography or couple’s specific pose.  In such cases, egoist photographer may refuse which results into arguments. Sometimes situation becomes worse if abuses or hot exchanges take place between your photographer and drunken relative of yours.
  • A professional photographer should be polite and handle such situations without getting aggressive.

Hence, considering above quality is also very important.

Note- There are some cases where photographer’s attitude has spoiled whole event. In few cases, photographer refused to cover entire event at last moment. He took no photo and spoiled everything. Hence, avoiding such situation is also necessary and selection of required photographer should be done considering above factor.


Quality #6 – Other factors like Album-Cover with latest trendy style and quality pages / Timely delivery of Photographed Album/ Softcopy files back-up:

  • Since you have paid a good amount for photography, you expect photographed file’s cover to be very stylish and premium. Whenever you show or open this album, you want to feel very much satisfied which is incomplete without latest stylish & trendy cover. Best professional photographer will always have portfolio of latest and trendy album covers.
  • Needless to say that photograph pages of final album must be very neat and professionally designed & aligned with photographs. Photographs must not look extra-stuffed or extra-blank in a single page. Quality of pages should be to the best standard of photography industry. Since it is lifetime event, it becomes important that pages of album have long-life without getting dull, etc.
  • Photographer must deliver final album within promised duration without delaying it. Sometimes they commit timeline which they cannot meet at all. They start making excuses for late delivery and make it very late. It becomes very irritating for you since everyone is waiting to watch your precious moments. It becomes embracement when relatives or friends ask repeatedly for album and you are clueless about delivery. Best professional photographer will always commit such timeline which they will meet at every cost.
  • Last thing that you want your photographer is to provide softcopy data with original quality. Every photograph is very important for you and you do not want anything to be delivered in soft-copy for future reference.

Best professional photographer will always ensure to provide soft-copy with originally photographed quality and storing them in right folders so that you can access those easily at later stage. They will never compromise with it and provide you best example of being best professional photographer in India.

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