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The sun is out and a great time to explore the world! You can do this with the help of a trustworthy pair of sunglasses not only to protect your eyes but also to be fashionable and trendy. Confused on what brand to buy? Look further no more, we have the answers to your questions as we have here a list of “hot as the sun” sunglass brands.

These top sunglasses brand for men are highly rated items and of durable material at prices that vary from average to expensive. However, price should not be the only consideration but also style, usability and quality. Look through our list for the best sunglass brands for men in order to help you decide which style will suit your lifestyle to the fullest.

  1. PRADA

This Italian top sunglass brand for men is also a popular name when it comes to accessories, perfumes and leather goods both for men and women. Its sunglasses have fashionable styles, aviator designs and made of superior material which appeals to men. This family enterprise started way back 1913 and founded by Mario Prada which grew to become a global brand well patronized by the elite and fashionistas.


Persol is an Italian brand founded by Giuseppe Ratti in 1917 and specializes in sports sunglasses. The brand is known as the pioneer of the spring hinge via the Meflecto system,the first of its kind. Persol invaded America in the 1960’s consistently gaining popularity even among celebrities. Just a few of the Hollywood stars who used Persol in movies included Tom Cruise, Nicholas Cage and Pierce Brosnan in the James Bond flicks. The top rated sunglass brand features revolutionary designs, anti-glare lenses and manly styles which give it an enormous appeal among men.

  1. FENDI

This is another well-known Italian brand which rose to popularity because of its leather goods. The venture into fashion items and accessories such as men’s sunglasses gave the brand its renewed prestige and fame for the elegance and vast collection of designs. The collection of men’s sunglasses feature high quality frames and styles as it makes use of micro-fiber tools for a more polished, elegant look.


This brand has been steadily making raves in fashion and clothing focusing on the young adult market with items ranging from denims to eyewear and fashion accessories. The sunglass collection for men is impressive and commands an above average price worthy of its quality and perfected designs. Popular for being one of the pioneers when it comes to online stores, this brand takes fashion items and accessories to a higher level that spells elegance and luxury at its best.

  1. GUCCI

The brand’s men sunglass collection feature various styles from the classic black and metal to oversized, rectangle and goggle designs in various shades for the adventurous and daring. The aviator design is fairly popular with prices ranging from $245 quite costly but you will never go wrong where it concerns quality and elegance. Widely known all over as a brand for the privileged few of today’s society, Gucci has also been recently popular among younger generations, too, for its stylish designer sunglasses.


This US based brand is a notch higher with its stylish and modern designs with names that command attention. Styles with names such as Honolulu, Hamoa Beach and Hapuna will not only grab your attention but also guaranteed to make ladies’ heads turn your way. Prices range from $100-$400 depending on material and design but nevertheless each is as unique as every man in this planet.

  1. GUESS

Another American brand enjoying huge global popularity, its sunglass collection should not be missed by men who are on the look-out for hip designs and modern looks. Priced reasonably and catering to young adults and teenagers, the sunglass collection features wayfarer styles as well as aviator and classic polarized or plastic designs. Since most men go for casual and hip lifestyles the Guess sunglass collection will definitely be the top choice and can be availed at friendly prices.


This French brand is at the top of the game with fashionable items ranging from bags to clothes. The men’s sunglass collection is impressive and with designs that will take your breath away. Prices will make you dizzy with styles ranging from $500-$700 each making it the brand for the elite although this should not stop men from all around the globe to avail of its hip and stylish designs that are a statement in itself. Renowned for being a top global fashion brand, Louis Vuitton or LV offer sunglass designs in aviator and performance eyewear as well as mask and square shapes with frame materials made of Polaroid, acetate or metal. LV sunglasses for men are definitely top-rated designs, for the men who are conscious not only with style but also quality and over-all look.


This top-rate sunglass brand is very, very popular among men who are adventurous and always on the go. The sporty look is well-achieved with this brand’s impressive line of designs. The brand’s first known designs are the goggles and Factory Pilot which were aimed for men who are very much into motorcycles and more recent designs were introduced into the market with the aim of attracting more patrons. Sunglass designs were manufactured based on high quality testing under intense circumstances and with approval from sportsmen and athletes making it the brand of choice among sports enthusiasts all over the world. Its latest collection, the Breadbox line features HD polarized expertise aimed for the men of today and priced reasonably starting at $180.


Gaining the top 1 spot is this well-loved Italian sunglass brand which is a classic favorite for men of various generations. Originally made to cater to pilots its first known style is the Aviator which was launched in 1937 and in the 1950’s the Wayfarer was the rave and which became highly popular because actor James Dean used it in his films. From 1960’s and onwards this top rated sunglass brand for men gained popularity and fame as more and more celebrities became avid users and just some of them include Peter Fonda and Harry Callahan. Most recent endorsers for this sunglass brand include the band Guns N’ Roses and actor Tom Cruise which used Ray-ban aviators for the movie Top Gun. Ray-ban designs not only feature wayfarer styles but also the Clubmaster and the Jakiee Ohh collections all of which connote stylish elegance and with the classical look highly identified with the brand all at reasonable prices.

While it is true that men are less vain than women where it concerns fashion and accessories it is entirely different where it concerns sunglasses.

What is lipstick to women could very well be sunglasses for men. It gives them a signature look and image entirely their own. It also provides men with the needed comfort and eye protection as well. With these extensive array of top rated sunglass brands then choosing the right style and design should be a breeze for the men of today for that total look of success and confidence.