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Initially used for military purposes, army or military dog tags have now found its place in the fashion world. Dog tag is originally a part of military uniforms and is primarily used to facilitate in the identification of injured and dead soldiers as well as for medical purposes since soldier’s name, serial number, and blood type are engraved on it. Now, inscriptions can already be personalized.


You can also choose from a wide variety of fonts, patterns, designs, colors and chains that best suits your taste and style as well as your budget. Wearing a dog tag adds military chic touch to your style. However, having a personalized one makes you remarkably more awesome and fashionable. We recommend you to buy Get Fatang Military Double Dog Tag with Black Plates (Simply click on Amazon linked picture given in below.)

Extra Details (How our expert recommend Dog Tags to buy)

Dog tag material:
You can choose what your military dog tag should be made of. Dog tags can be made of stainless steel, aluminium, plastic, silicone, brass, sterling silver, white or yellow gold, copper, platinum and other metals. Engraved or embossment method as well as price will vary based on the material you choose.

Personalized Text and Design:
Shape and size:
Dog tag comes in different shapes. It can be circular, oval or rectangular with rounded corner, all holed at one side or at each side. However, the most common is the rectagular-shaped dog tags with smooth rounded corners. Dog tags also vary in sizes and you can decide and personalize your own size.

Personalized text makes your dog tag more customized. Dog tags can only contain limited text. You can put your full name, your nickname or a monogram, your address, phone number, blood type or other personal information. You can even have your favorite quotation or motto written on it. You can also choose the font style and whether to have the text embossed or engraved. There are also plenty of designs from which you can choose or you can customize it with your chosen photograph or logo.

Read below comments and reviews by our happy customers:

Military dog tags usually come in a stainless ball chain. The chain’s standard length is 18-20 inches but longer chains ranging from 24-30 are also available. It may also come in various colors.

A female dog tag buyer says:

I ordered this dog tag for my boyfriend because I noticed that he always wear one so I thought that maybe he loves dog tag. And I was right. He likes the dog tag I gave him a lot because his name was on it. Soon, he ordered also a pair of this dog tag with our names on it.

If you are an extremely avid fan of Wolverine, a Wolverine dog tag necklace is definitely a must-have! Its pendant is a double-sided, high quality stainless steel measuring about 4 cm by 2 cm with ball chain measuring about 18-30” long and plated with silver. As what is seen on the movie, the pendant has an engravement of Logan and 45825243 T73 A on one side while Wolverine and 45825243 T73 A is carved on the other side. It looks very much similar with the one that Wolverine wears in the X-men movies. So whether you will be doing the Wolverine costume for Halloween, or just trying to be more fashionable, or if you just love to show your support and fondness of Logan and Wolverine, it’s the perfect accessory for you to grab and wear.