Best Gifts for New Year 2018 for Children, Mother, Father, kids, boyfriend, girlfriend, grand parents, Sister, Brother and housewarming.

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Our year is not complete without a New Year celebration. When the clock strikes 12, you will hear resonant sounds of fireworks. Different parts of the world celebrate New Year in a different way. However, we still have significant similarities during this worldwide event. Most people do not give gifts during the said celebration. Mostly, because of tradition, we give gifts during Christmas. However, there are still significant amount of people who give presents. They give gifts to give them for good fortune, healthy body and long life. Most, give presents as a sign of generosity and care.

They way of wrapping the gift , the amount of money you spend for a gift and also the way you present it is an important aspect of a New Year’s present. To wrap a gift, you should wrap it nicely and neatly. A tying bow would be a good element of the gift. There are particular colors which are to be recommended and there also colors which are not advisable and to be avoided. Yellow symbolizes great joy while gold symbolizes wealth. For all gift items, we recommend to buy gifts from our recommended Best Website to buy Gifts Online in India.

However, white, black and blue are not good colors because they symbolize death. If you are planning to attach a greeting card, never use red colored pens or markers for the name of the person you will give the present to. It also symbolizes bad fortune. In exchanging gifts, it is not good to give presents in a very big group if not all can be given. A small group or even just your family is already a good one. If you are working in a company, It is good to give presents to the senior member.

Red Envelopes

Red envelopes or packets are gifts people also send not only during New Year celebration but also during other important celebrations. Red symbolizes good luck and believes to be the color that wards off evil spirit. Inside the envelope is an amount of money that ends in an even number.  It is said to be that the odd digits represent funerals. However, some parts of the world use green envelopes rather than red. Those are Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei and Singapore. It also believed that the money inside the red envelope should be a new bill. For all gift items, we recommend to buy gifts from our recommended Best Website to buy Gifts Online in India.

The Lucky 12

The number 12 represents the twelve months of the year. Most people give 12 gifts. Some give 12 fruits. It is meant to give good luck and security of their 12 months. In Spain, they give 12 grapes to represent prosperity all over the year. However, you should avoid giving pears because it means that you want to separate his or her from their families and loved ones.

Silver and Gold Coins

Coins represent wealth. If you want your recipient to be lucky when it comes to money, might add up silver or gold coins or figurines that represent coins. Money is mostly what New Year is all about.


By definition, it is the action of solving a problem. The best gift you can give to a person who cares for you dearly are resolutions. Resolutions are made by people who promise to change their ways or to improve themselves. These are mostly written on stationery papers or sometimes publicly said in front of your family, friends or love ones. It is most common on the Western culture. Some examples are to donate money to the poor and even be more responsible to their own duties. However, a particular study suggests that 88% of those who made resolutions fail. Therefore, it is advisable to make resolutions which are applicable. For all gift items, we recommend to buy gifts from our recommended Best Website to buy Gifts Online in India.

Champaign , Wine or Tea

A New Year’s Eve dinner will not be complete without opening and popping a bottle of Champaign or Wine. Also, some people believe that if you drink it as the clock strikes midnight, it will bring good luck to you. They believe it would even be better if you drink it all to the very last content. However, be careful the next day because you will not feel well because of total hangover. If you are not an alcohol fan, you can try tea. Just avoid jasmine tea and pu’er tea. Tea is an advantage to your health because it can protect us against cancer and can also reduce heart attack and stroke.

New Year Food

There are many popular foods during the New Year’s Eve that is said to bring good prosperity. Many traditions believe in the luck of food shaped into a circle or ring. The reason why they believe is because it is said to be that the full circle completing a whole year. Cabbage is also another lucky vegetable. However, do not just give them a cabbage in a nicely wrap package. You can also buy or cook a dish which has cabbages as its ingredient. Peaches are a sign of longevity. Grannies are the best receiver for this kind of gift. Also, it is not good to give food which can easily deface. Have something that you can still put inside the refrigerator or you can eat during the evening itself.


First-footer is not a thing but a person. He or she should not enter the house when it is not yet midnight. However, in England, they believe that it should be a male person and they should not move inside the house empty-handed. Instead, they bring gifts like coal of fire, a bread loaf and a drink like a wine. It has been a tradition to give good fortune to the people who live inside the house. For all gift items, we recommend to buy gifts from our recommended Best Website to buy Gifts Online in India.

New Year Dinner

            If you do not want to buy anything for anyone because you do not have the budget or if you do not have time to purchase for each one of them, a dinner is a perfect solution. Who does not love to eat? Bring your family, friends or your lover to a very nice place or restaurant. However, be careful in choosing one because most restaurants are filled with people especially on the said evening. You may call the place of your choice and reserve a table during a particular time. Order something that you can eat, we do not want to waste food at the first day of the new year. However, if you just want to stay home and avoid the busy crowd, you can order food and eat with your family or loved ones inside your home and greet each other a Happy New Year.

New Year Gestures

Gestures are very popular especially as the clock strikes midnight, the bells chime and the fireworks begin to shoot up into the sky. For your mother, father and other family members, you can give them a simple peck on both of their cheeks and greet them as well. For others, they would give each other a long and warm hug. Lovers are fond to give their partners a beautiful kiss on their lips. A kiss shared is also known to bring good luck to the love of both. And as you watch the beautiful fireworks booming in the sky, you hold hands and enjoy the show.

Late Christmas Gift

Some people fail to give their presents during Christmas and some even want to give again for the New Year. People give something that the recipient really wish or want during Christmas. For the children, you give them toys like dolls, toy cars and robots. For your parents, you give them something they can use during their hobbies such as a cooking hardware for your mom or working tools for your dad.

Zodiac Gifts

If your recipient is a believer of a Chinese Zodiac, you might want to give them Chinese figurines or ornaments that will give them good luck as related to their Zodiac Sign. However, you must carefully choose what to give because each gifts has meanings for them and you do not want your gift to be rejected and also to be embarrassed for not knowing. The 12 zodiac signs are Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. For the Chinese, they also have signs for each year. These are the monkey, rooster, dog, pig, rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse and sheep. Each of the animals is believed to have allies and enemies from each other. Do not give them figurines which are not allies of their zodiac signs. For all gift items, we recommend to buy gifts from our recommended Best Website to buy Gifts Online in India.

Health Supplement Products

            A very good recipient for health supplement products is the old people such as your grandmothers and grandfathers. They could not wish for anything else but to live more with good health. Give them vitamins to sustain it or give them those medicine which are very important to let them live without pain. You can also give health supplement products to the sick people, even if they are not related to you. It is better to give to the poor ones who cannot buy all the medicines required for them.


            Flowers are general gifts for women. Women love to receive flowers from someone they care. There are some colors that represent prosperity. Bright colors like red and yellow are suitable colors for New Year Flowers. Always remember to know if the recipient is allergic to flowers, you don’t want them to end up in the hospital, catching their breathe or scratching their skin during the whole New Year’s Eve. Black is also not advisable for it represents death. There are also kinds of flowers you should not give during a New Year celebration. These are flowers that you give during funerals. An example are Chrysanthemum flowers.


            If your family or friends want to see New Year from other places, it is a good idea to travel with them. You can go to famous places like England, New York City and even China. However, you should not go to a last-minute trip, especially if it requires for you to ride a public transportation. Yet, if you are traveling with your own car, remember that non-busy places will become busy and busy cities will become busier during the New Year celebration. There are always a lot of people travelling when it is already near to the grand midnight. If it is possible and if your budget can still maintain it, book a trip few days before the New Year evening. For all gift items, we recommend to buy gifts from our recommended Best Website to buy Gifts Online in India.

Reward for Yourself

            You have given everyone a gift but you forgot yourself. Remember to give yourself a reward for completing a whole year with successful life and for attaining it with flying colors. You can let yourself enjoy in a very relaxing massage or even buy yourself a lot of foods. You can also treat yourself to other places. If you cannot afford it, you can just pat yourself and say that you have did a very great job out there.


Do Not Buy These Gifts

There are also gifts that you should avoid to give, for some of them have meanings behind them. A famous example is sharp objects because it symbolizes that you want to cut or kill your relationship with them. Clocks are also known to be bad luck. Chinese name for clocks sounds like funerals. So do not try giving clocks to people or they will hate you for the rest of your life. In Asia, many people believe that mirrors have ghosts or spirits living inside them. Some even believe that when a mirror breaks accidentally, it is a sign of bad luck. How giving shoes is very prominent during Christmas, you should avoid giving one during New Year’s Eve. Shoes are symbols of great difficulties for the life of the receiver. Towels and handkerchiefs are usually given to people who mourn during funerals. Mourning is not for New Year celebration. If you want to give a gift for your friend, umbrellas are not advisable. Umbrellas represent that you are leaving them to their own. However, it is up to a person to decide if he or she wants to believe all those beliefs about New Year. For all gift items, we recommend to buy gifts from our recommended Best Website to buy Gifts Online in India.