Unique and best gift ideas to buy for girls/ girlfriend in India. ☜➀☞ For special occasions like first date, birthdays, Romantic valentines.

Sometimes, it is really hard to choose from so many gifts that we could give to them for there are lots of stuffs that we can buy from the stores to wrap and give to them as a gift. One of the things that make it hard for us to decide is the value of a gift. Of course it is important for us that make sure that the gift that we will give to them will be appreciated or will be remembered always for long distance relationship. We are always bothered of the question “is she going to like it?” especially for someone who is courting a girl.

Firstly, we must educate you that while planning your unique gifts what are available options!!

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There could be lot of things that we can consider on choosing a gift for a girl. One of them is the favorite of a girl. If you are able to know what are the things or the stuffs that you think she really likes, then it will be easy for you to choose one. You don’t want to be embarrassed and get rejected in front of the people just because you chose a gift that she really doesn’t like right? Another thing is that, we must consider the age of the girl that we will be giving gifts. For example, you are going to give a gift to a girl that is at the age of 17 or at the age of 23, then we must choose a gift that is appropriate for their ages.

 It is also good if you include her hobbies and the things that she mostly do so that you can choose a gift that you know she can use in doing the things that she usually do which is a good thing for you and its really flattering seeing that she frequently uses your gift.

There are still lots of things to consider in choosing the best gift for girls, but one of the most important thing is that consider how they would feel receiving that gift from you. Girls really have sensitive feelings than men. They might be too emotional sometimes but girls really knows whether a certain gift is chosen with purpose or just one of the “no choice” stuffs just to say that you effort to give a gift. For all gift items, we recommend to buy gifts from our recommended Best Website to buy Gifts Online in India.

There are times that a gift that is made from scratches is more appreciated than those that we could buy in the stores. It is said that it shows more effort and sincerity from a certain person for he/she tried to give his/her full effort, creativity, time, and hard work in order to come up with a special gift especially made by him. That kind of gift sometimes shows great sign of love from that certain person.

Although it is not as always that a personalized gifts are more appreciated, you should still try to think of the best gift that you could give to a girl. You might think that the common gifts are the best since that most people choose that certain gift, it is better that you choose a gift that is unique yet presentable, usable, and also has the quality. There are lots of gifts that we can choose from here are some of the gifts that might give you an idea if you are also having troubles in choosing one. For all gift items, we recommend to buy gifts from our recommended Best Website to buy Gifts Online in India.

Jewelries-  Ladies love it when they have something to wear like necklace, earrings, rings, or bracelets especially when they go out and it is a nice gift that we can give to them. But when we say jewelries, it doesn’t have to be the most expensive one just to say that it is special. It could be a cheaper one but with good quality and at the same time you will be able to afford it.

Customized Necklace- There are lots of stores that sell customized necklace for it one of the trends that teenagers, best friends, and couples choose to give to each other. It is a nice gift that will surely make them feel special. Isn’t it nice to see them wearing a necklace with their name on it?

Flowers – Flowers are undeniably beautiful. There are lots of flowers that we could choose from. If you choose to give flowers to give as a gift, you can consider the flower that she really likes. It might be a good feedback for you if you’ll give her the ones that she really likes. On the other hand, if you don’t know her favorite one, you can still choose any flower that you think she might like. Although flowers are a nice gift to give, there are girls that don’t like flowers for some reasons. It might be because they think that it’s not practical receiving it for it doesn’t last for long sometimes or it might be because they are allergic to it. There are some girls that are allergic to flowers and you should be aware of it in order for you to avoid bad things to happen.

Chocolates – Who doesn’t like chocolates? Everyone really likes chocolates for it gives sweet and relaxing feeling when having it. Girls do like chocolates too and there have been lots of guys chooses chocolates as a gift for a girl for they believe that it shows the sweetness of their love towards the girl. It will be a nice gift also for the young girls at the age of 10 and below for that age really like sweets. But sometimes it gives us doubts on choosing it because it doesn’t last for long and after she’ll eat it, you’ll never see it again. On the other hand some people still believe on the saying “a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”, so why not right?

Teddy Bear- This is one of the most common gifts that we could choose from the stores to give as a gift for a girl. Girls love to cuddle and a teddy bear might be a good gift to choose as a gift. If you are going to choose this as a gift, make sure of its quality for there are teddy bears that have low qualities that sometimes it doesn’t last for long. Teddy bears comes with different colors and sizes, choose the color that fits as her favorite one. For all gift items, we recommend to buy gifts from our recommended Best Website to buy Gifts Online in India.

Handkerchief – It is nice to give a girl a handkerchief as a gift. Although some says that if someone gave you a handkerchief, he/she will just make you cry, it is one of the gifts that you can assure that she will be using. Sometimes when having a fieldtrip, teenagers and students buy dozens of handkerchief to give it to their friends as a souvenir.

Bag – Bags sometimes are given as for teenagers and in very special occasions for bags are quite expensive. Girls like bags and they love to collect different types and brands of bags sometimes. It is one of the trends that girls really try to follow and have for their own and uses it in when they go out.

Dress –   Of course dresses are for girls and they really good look wearing dresses right? It is nice to choose dresses to give to girls too for it can be added to their collection of fashion trends. We know that girls are more conscious of what they are wearing and they love it when they have new and trending dresses and compare it to others.

Wallet – Girls like to collect wallets that they could use and at the same time add as a fashion trend too when they go out. When going to malls, this is one of the things that girls include in their shopping list and to be honest, some girls can’t resist not buying a new one for it makes them happy.

Pouches – Pouches are somewhat like a wallet but it’s bigger than it. It is a nice gift for girls for they usually use it in handy whenever they go out and attend some special occasions. Girls find pouches better than bags for it can hold important things like phone, make ups, and money and for the fact that since it is smaller than bags; it is easier to get things that they need without digging for a long time. For all gift items, we recommend to buy gifts from our recommended Best Website to buy Gifts Online in India.

Lipstick – In our modern time now, lot of girls wear lipsticks for it can make them look even better. Even a 13 year old girl could possibly wear lipsticks already and surprisingly, they can wear it perfectly just like how adults wear it. On the other hand, you must still choose the appropriate shade of color that will fit on her look. If you are a male and you are having troubles in choosing one, you can always ask for help from other girls that wears lipsticks too.

Perfume – Just like guys, girls always have their perfumes on their bags and they never forget to apply time to time for they are conscious of how they smell and how will others react on the way they smell. It will be nice if you choose this one as a gift and for you as the one to choose the fragrant, you must know which scent will fit on her.


Hair Accessories – They say that hair is girl’s crowning glory and girls allot time fixing their hair before going anywhere. They always have set of tools and accessories that they use to fix their hair the way they want it to look like. So why not give them a new set of hair accessories that they could use.

Shoes – We all love shoes right? Everyone loves shoes and for me, no one would say no when someone give shoes to them. On the other hand, we should still make sure of the type of shoes that we want to give to them especially when it comes to the size. I mean, you don’t want to hurt someone’s feet by giving to them shoes smaller than their feet right?

There could be a lot of things that we could give to girls and each of them has their own varieties too. It is nice if you can have someone’s advice in choosing the best gift for a girl but if you think that you can decide on your own, it is best to follow your instinct. Think the way girls think and understand how they feel for you to know the best thing to give to them. By choosing on your own, whatever the result or feedback will be, you will never regret it or blame anyone for it is all your decision. For all gift items, we recommend to buy gifts from our recommended Best Website to buy Gifts Online in India.

When giving gifts, always think of the saying “it’s the thought that counts”. It only means that it doesn’t matter how big or small or how expensive it will be. Remember that not all of the expensive things are the special ones for there are cheap ones that might have a greater value for them than those that are expensive. Just like a customized on that came from scratches that are more appreciated than those from the stores.

A scrapbook is also a great gift to give to girls. Unlike guys, girls like receiving scrapbooks. You could attach pictures of you and her and letters from you where you can say everything that you want to say to her. This is a nice gift and remembrance to give to someone for every part of it came personally from you. On the other hand, not only the material things are the best gift to give to girls especially to your loved ones. A hug and a kiss is not a material thing but are the sweetest thing a person could receive from someone or simply by saying “I love you” to that person will give them the feeling of having the best gift that they could ever have. Remember, best things in life are free and priceless.

Valentine’s Day Flowers

            Valentine’s Day is the day where lovers celebrate their love for each other. Most people go on dates and hang out with each other. A romantic day will never be complete without giving your woman beautifully picked flowers. Though, In Italy, it is not only the man who gives flowers to her woman. The woman also gives flowers or chocolates to her partner. It is a symbol of shared and equal love. In buying flowers, picking flowers personally is a good way of showing the true meaning of Valentine’s Day. It means that you clearly know them. The most common flowers for this kind of event are red Roses, symbolizing love beauty and perfection. But there are still many kinds suitable to give to your lover during a special day.

If you really want to give them roses, there are other colors that you can choose from. Red proclaims love. Yellow represents friendship and freedom. If you are overly romantic, it is not advisable to give yellow roses. Pale pink roses designate gentleness and gratitude while light pink roses show happiness and enjoyment. White roses symbolize honesty and sincerity. Coral roses express aspiration and desire. Orange roses identify the commitment of good communication. You can combine two colors of roses in a bouquet to represent a new meaning. For all gift items, we recommend to buy gifts from our recommended Best Website to buy Gifts Online in India.

There are also other types of flowers you can give for Valentine’s Day. Each flower has general meanings behind its beautiful sight. Daisies symbolize beauty, innocence and purity. According to Gaffney, Tulips stand for perfect love and romance. Peruvian also known as Alstroemeria symbolizes friendship and commitment. White Lilies indicate perfection, class and style. Orchids are also good representation of love, beauty and strength. When Carnations bloom, they describe young love.

Graduation Flowers


            Graduation is the time where we free ourselves from the burden of studying late at night, cramming and waking up early in the morning. It is also the commencement program where we exercise our rights as graduate students who fought hard to be able to get a certificate and bow to a large crowd. Hawaiian leis are very popular flowers for graduation. You let the graduate wear them around the neck which symbolize that they are already leaving for high school/middle school or college/university and they are going to enter a new stage of their life. There are many types of Leis too. But the most common one is the Orchid Lei. Some graduates can also receive bouquets. The best bouquets have flowers that represent their school color. Corsages are not only related to proms but also to graduations. It can be a flower the graduating person likes or it could be an association of their school color. Color meanings are always present when it comes to significant occasions. Bright colors specify good luck, success and joy. Purple flowers represent a job well done and accomplishments. On the other hand, green flowers represent youth and new stage. The most common flowers you give to them are Carnations, Bells, Camellias, Iris and other tropical flowers. For all gift items, we recommend to buy gifts from our recommended Best Website to buy Gifts Online in India.

Christmas Flowers

            The most popular plant during Christmas Season is the red Poinsettia. There are also other various colors such as creamy white to different tones of pink. It has been the also became the symbol of Christmas and therefore you can spot them as decorations almost everywhere There are also other popular choices such as tulips and hyacinths. Tropical flowers such as orchids and Anthuriums can also be used. Of course, roses will never be absent as one of the best gifts for your mothers, grandmothers, lovers and friends. Amaryllis can be a very good centerpiece for your dining table along with the Christmas dishes. Christmas cactus blooms during Christmas. They can be used to decorate your bare window panes temporarily. Flowers can also go with your personal gifts. If not, you can give flowers alone. During this season, red and green are the colors that are most likely related to it.

New Year Flowers

            New Year is always related to beliefs, Chinese and traditions, money and luck. You wouldn’t be surprised if you are given a bouquet of flowers during New Year. In Vietnam, people buy a plant called ochna integerrima. It is a small plant that grows like a little tree and blooms as the season arrives. They yellow flowers of the tree indicate good wealth. Surprisingly, sunflowers are also an option to give during New Year. It represents a good and prosperous year. Plum Blossoms specifies perseverance and reliability. Peach blossoms symbolize growth and long life.Water Lilies and Peony can be an option too. According to Chinese beliefs, the number 12 is a good indication. When you plan to give a bouquet of flowers, you can pick 12 kinds or colors of flowers to include. Remember, avoid black and white. They represent bad luck, death and funerals.

Birthday Flowers

            Almost all of us want to feel special during their birthdays. One way to let them feel that they are important during their day is to give them gifts and as well as flowers for the women. You can give them flowers that they really like. However, if you have no idea about their favorite kinds of flowers, you can still buy flowers that can symbolize themselves. Bright colors are good tone of flowers for this particular occasion because they represent happiness. Iris flowers symbolize compliment. We give them these kinds of flowers to commend them for reaching their birthday. Lilies on the other hand exemplify joy and good fortune. Sunflowers, basically, represents the sun. A sun is a symbol of a beautiful day. There are certain kinds of flowers associated for each month. For all gift items, we recommend to buy gifts from our recommended Best Website to buy Gifts Online in India.

  • January- Carnation or Gillyflower
  • February- Violet or Primrose
  • March- Daffodil
  • April- Sweet Pea or Daisy
  • May- Lily
  • June- Rose
  • July- Larkspur or Water Lily
  • August- Gladiolus or Poppy
  • September- Aster or Morning Glory
  • October- Marigold
  • November- Chrysanthemum
  • December- Narcissus or Poinsettia

You can give them these kinds of flowers during the particular month of their birthday. All in all, you can make bouquets out of these kinds of flowers.