Unique and best gift ideas to buy for boys/ boyfriend in India. ☜➀☞ For special occasions like first date, birthdays, Romantic valentines.

Firstly, we must educate you that while planning your unique gifts what are available options!!

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Imagine that most lovely curve of fine line forming in his mouth while you see that beautiful glint towards his eyes- seeing your boyfriend smile must be the most rewarding feeling any girl could have. What more seeing those moments unfold in the most special occasions in your relationship? You might want him to wear that smile always while treasuring the moment on a special day like long distance relationship.

Birthdays, anniversaries, valentines and even occasional dates are just few of those special days where you can warmly express to him your love and care. Some just offer a kiss but how lovely would it be to present him a gift.

No one can really discount what joy a gift could bring especially when it comes from the one so dear to you. We know boys are known to be less sensitive, straight-forward creatures with a practical look in life but no matter how less expressive they may be, that heart will surely secretly melt as you present to him a wrapped up box with that sweet smile on his girl’s face. Most girls might find it hard to decide what gift they must really give to their boyfriends. For all gift items, we recommend to buy gifts from our recommended Best Website to buy Gifts Online in India.

Other girls might run to a friend especially to the boys alike to ask them about their own preference with regards to presents. Some might just surveyed a whole list of department stores just to come out with still nothing to choose. In choosing what to give, these are crucial times where worst dilemma takes place.

Millions of ways exist to diagnose this kind of problem. First thing and might be the most effective is to stop for a moment, take a deep breath, walk through the doors and meditate. Yes, we girls must have to relax and take it easy and then think of the most special things that makes your man smile. It’s important to know his character and kind of choices in things and even his perception towards happiness. Knowing all these, you might be one step closer in choosing the most perfect gift you could ever give.

If you have one thing on your mind but is thinking that it’s too plain, do not discount the beauty of simplicity. As long as you are fully confident that it will make him happy in some ways, no matter how simple that thing is, grab it and trust your instincts. No other girl could have known him better than you, aside from her mother though. Another thing is, you might have to ask him directly about what he really likes though not making obvious of your plans and intentions. You could do that smart kind of way and it depends on your style. For all gift items, we recommend to buy gifts from our recommended Best Website to buy Gifts Online in India.

You must be really having a hard time now deciding for a gift especially if you are aiming for that kind where in you want to be for most sure that you never have really wasted your money and time because at the end of the day it’s all worth it. This article might help you choose one. Here are some smart suggestions on the best gift you can give:

Level with his practicality and keep him in track with time- A wrist watch must be a perfect choice- Considering men, they all look cool and prominent with that watch. It gives them the look of someone with a sense of responsibility and vigor. Choose for him the style and color that perfectly matches his taste and attitude. What’s wonderful in a wrist watch is that you present to him a really not bulky kind of gift, just something cute but when he opens that small box up, he would eventually discover the great value within.

Keep him comfortable with that pair of Boxers – Cute and bright colors might match those with light and easy personality while simple, pastel colors fit those with serious, silent attitude. Choose the perfect match of colors for your boyfriend but you can try something tricky and switch these color proposals. You might discover something new and fun from your guy.

Help him be thrift with those handy wallets – Boys are really thrift kind of people when compared to girls. Those wallets perfectly suit them. What has been on the go in the market nowadays is vintage type of things. Seeing a vintage wallet inside that wrapped up thing might spark his eyes. You can also try simple plain colors or leather wallets depending on what suits your man.

Make him more desirable with that perfect scent- reward him a perfume – Nothing could look more handsome than a guy who has that clean look with that wonderful smell that would leave the girls fantasizing him as he passes by. Give your boyfriend that kind of moment and chose the perfect scent you think might fit for him. In terms of scents, girls are the best ones to choose for their boys because they kind off nailed that good choice. For all gift items, we recommend to buy gifts from our recommended Best Website to buy Gifts Online in India.

For sporty kind of boyfriends- Give him that sporty bag-pack – Everything he’ll ever need for his workout and plays will be in that one handy and comfortable bag pack. He will surely love it when especially it comes from that special someone.

Wouldn’t it be simple but adorable- that’s something about a belt – Yes, its kind off plain and simple but knowing boys, nothing would really make them a lot happier than knowing a belt is perfect for  a more cool and comfortable look. Not discounting worthwhile feeling of having one.

Keep him stylish- provide him a hair gel – Let him show off his style and moves in that one slick and thick thing he applies on his hair. It gives them that pretty boy next door look. Hair gels come with different scent. Choose the one that is most attracting to the nostrils.

Give him the edge over the sun heat- get sunglasses for him – Is it sunny outside? Nothing to worry with those sunglasses you could give him. He might prefer those glasses over other luxuries things. Perfect for summer heat are those with UV eye protection.

A bookish boyfriend- Look for him the perfect book he will enjoy – Got that serious, silent and bookish type guy? Give your boyfriend the serenity he deserves. How lovely could that girl be for her to know what his boyfriend really like? What could be nicer than to stay under a tree and read that book together? Grab one now with that something that suits his field of interest.

Keep him ready for special occasions- A nice suite would do – How special could it be for a girl to be concerned about his man’s grooming. Make him look awesome with that jaw-dropping suite that would fit him well and see how prominent your boyfriend looks like with that thing you will give him. How could you be more proud than any girl in the world?

Make that first toast with him- fulfill his exquisite taste with a wine – It could be nice idea to drink the wine together and spend that moment like you two are infinite. Refresh his taste with the best wines in town.

Let him remember you early in the morning- give him a coffee mug – As he wake up in the morning, approaches his kitchen about to have a coffee and as he will pour that hot water he grabs for the cup you gave him with a smile in his face knowing how special the giver of that mug is. Early in the morning that mug has caused him to cherish the love you both have. For all gift items, we recommend to buy gifts from our recommended Best Website to buy Gifts Online in India.

A study lamp might get him far –  For your hardworking boyfriend staying up late at night to finish his responsibilities, show him that you are concerned of him and that you know how responsible he is. Give him a study lamp or table lamp that would provide him more convenience with all his paper works.

Sweet chocolates for your boyfriend – Who says chocolates are exclusively a gift for girls? Anyone who could have received those sweet, delicious things will surely melt their hearts. Chocolates are a direct symbol of love. The fact that you keep wanting for more and you never get used of eating them is what makes it special.

Personalized T-shirt is a good try –  When your boyfriend is as simple as those who are just contented of grabbing a shirt from their closet and then that denim pants, you could have that perfect idea of giving him that cute personalized T-shirt. It could be that you would put his favorite saying or words of wisdom and encouragements in that shirt. For all gift items, we recommend to buy gifts from our recommended Best Website to buy Gifts Online in India.

Artistic boyfriend- you can give him a set of art materials – What could have been more fulfilling for an artist is that to find another art thing to be added up to their collection. It’s their sense of passion for art that gives them that delight to receive even just a simple paint brush from someone. You could give him a set which would include, drawing materials like color pencils, pens and sketch pad. It would be nicer if you could include paint brushes in different sizes and types.

Perfect moments- Frame it – Even if it’s the simplest-most cliched thing for a gift, a sentimental boyfriend will be able to appreciate that fully well. Include a picture of your sweetest moment together or that funniest moment together with that wackiest face of you both. Even that simple thing could end up to be the sweetest gift.

Hunger games trilogy hooked up guy – Is he that guy crazy about the Hunger Games series? Then that would be the perfect gift for him. Give him that full set and watch him go crazy with that stuff. You can also give him items from The Hunger Games like their bracelet, key chain and pendants.

Keep him warm with jacket – You could show to him the warmth of your love by literally keeping him warm with that jacket. That’s a sweet thing to give because it shows your concern to him. Leather jacket looks cool on some boys but it depends to your own preference to which you think might suit him well.

Above all things, keep in mind that expensive things are not always the pre-requisite for happiness. You can start from scratch. Give him personalize things which proves more extra effort in doing so. You can give him a painting of his portrait. That would be an amazing and overwhelming thing knowing that his girl had actually go the extra mile in perhaps staying up late just to finish the painting or if you believe you don’t have any talent in doing so, you can make you own scrapbook detailed with the pictures of your moments together. It can also feature those times wherein you do the things in your first time together. It can be about your first embarrassing moments together, your first date and even your first movie together. You can be as stylish and as free as you want and by that you’ll be most fulfilled with that feeling of accomplishing a scrapbook.

It would also be a good idea to cook for him. Give him that happy stomach for your special day together by knowing his favorite dish. It must be good to the feeling to see your special someone cooking for you and when you take that first bite or that spoonful of her recipe, it must have a kind of vestibule of heaven. Eating together must be the most ideal bonding time wherein you both end up full and happy after the long talks and laughter. For all gift items, we recommend to buy gifts from our recommended Best Website to buy Gifts Online in India.

Lastly, the most important factor is your very presence. The most overwhelming feeling on earth might be to know that you have your special someone together with you on that very special day. Spending that time together, nothing could ever be more rewarding. The happiness also that you will feel while seeing him personally as he opens the present you have for him, as you see that smile you always want him to wear, its incomparable.