Expert guide to buy online best brand footwear, heels and more for women & girls in India. ☜➀☞ Best selection to Buy among 300, 500, 1000, 1500, 2000  rupees.

Women loves buying and collecting shoes. Women/Girl always feel confident about their beauty with their heels/footwear. Because she knows her heels are of top quality.Every woman has its own set of varieties when it comes to shoes. It usually depends on their taste and fit. But if they love one kind of shoes, still they have other kinds too so that they use it for some other occasions.

To know what kind of shoes is best for an occasion, it is a must to know different kinds of shoes that women wear.

Kinds/Types of Shoes for Women and Expert’s Choice (Recommendations in each Category):

-Heels (Recommended to buy today- We update it weekly.)

High Heels also known as stilettos which are 5 inches heels or more. They have thin heels which looks elegant and feminine. These are best worn with formal attire. We recommend you to buy Meriggiare Women Synthetic Black Heels as best high heels in India:

This kind of shoes is the one that has the luxurious looks which has beads and jewels. This kind of shoe is best worn by professional women. It can have an ankle strap or peeped toe design and it comes from heels with all sorts of height. Evening shoes has the material of satin, velvet or suede. This shoe comes from different varieties, it could be mules, pumps, heels, sandals and even flats. We recommend you to buy Bata Women’s Pumps as best pumps in India:

This shoe can be worn from different outfit and has different height. Wedges is very comfortable to walk in because of its design that it connects the heel and the sole and it also have a thick platform. We recommend you to buy Kanchan Women’s Black Wedges Sandal as best high heels in India:


-Ballet Flats

This kind of shoe is very popular to all women in different age bracket. This is sometimes called as Dolly Shoes or Doll Shoes. It has a very thin heel about which others would think that it doesn’t have any heel at all. This kind of shoes is most preferred by women since it can ease the foot. Ballet flats have many different designs and sometimes they have pearls, rhinestones, flowers, etc. on the upper part of the shoes. In this category: We recommend you to buy Belly Thari Choice Women Ladies belly as Ballet Flats in India:

-Boots (Best Casual Usage appearance) This kind of shoe comes from different types: ankle high boots, knee high boots, thigh high boots, chap boots and crotch boots. There are two types of boots though, the traditional and the modern ones. The traditional boots is made from rubber or leather while the modern boots is made from variety of materials. The best thing about this kind of shoes is that it protects your foot from dangerous weather conditions. If you want to wear boots for casual look, then have the flat boots. We recommend you to buy ABJ Fashion S-Buckle Fashionable & Stylish Smart Casual Boots for Women as best casual boots in India:

-Mary Jane
This is a round toed, low-heeled shoes that are associated with children also. This shoe has good advantage of distinctive strap. Also, it has that cuts across the bridge of the foot. We recommend below pairs.

-Peep Toe

This type of shoe has a cut in the front which exposes the toe. In this category, We recommend to buy below pairs.

Sling Backs shoe is also between mule and full shoes. It has an adjustable straps at the back of the ankle. This shoe comes from different styles such as sandals or peep toe. We recommend above mentioned pairs only. We highly recommend you to buy shoes/footwear from best online website in India (Click here).

-Ankle Straps
This type of shoes is best worn when you are girl/young and wearing skirt that is above the knee or shorts. This shoe has one or more straps that can be tied around the ankle and has a heel between 2.5 to 5 inches high. The straps can be made from laces, leather, satin or ribbons and could also be wrapped around the legs. 

Final words:
Above mentioned shoes are in-lined with latest fashion trend and it is  growing everyday as per new styles of shoes. So, do not forget to buy it today. Do not miss this opportunity because if you decide to purchase later and they don’t go easy for you, then you’ll have a hard time.(Note:  We update this post weekly. So, you can buy these shoes today without any concern.)

And if you’d ask any women out there, they’ll tell you how a right shoes could turn a bad day to good. While mentioning about the classification of shoes, the general answer for that are heels. Casual Shoes and heels are not just like any ordinary thing a girl can have but their shoes comes from varieties depending on their mood.

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Best slippers shoes brand for girls and women- 

When it comes to footwear, women are very picky. They always want that their footwear should match very well with their outfits. Sandals for them are something they could wear easily and has come with many varieties. We highly recommend you to buy shoes/footwear from best online website in India (Click here).

When it comes to fashion women are very particular in every aspects especially with the footwear.

Kinds of Sandals

Casual Sandals with Tribal Mofits
This kind of sandals is very interesting because of its colors and details. It has brilliant colors that will surely catch people’s attention. These kind of sandals are very versatile and the upper part can have beads, leather, patent leather, braided and animal print patterns.

Gladiator Sandals
These sandals are the strappy sandals originated from the past. As the trend rises, they have made high gladiators that are like boots but it is designed with lots of straps. It comes as flats or heels too.

Flip Flops
These are one of the most casual sandals for girls. There are some flip flops that have decorations which makes it look more beautiful.

Rubber Sandals
This kind of sandals are suited for people who cannot wear hard sandals. It is soft and comfortable in the feet. Its weight is light and has non-marking soles and it is also waterproof.

These are the kind of sandals that tones up your legs and buttocks while walking, however. These sandals are not appropriate for people who have flat feet.

With this kind of sandals, it is almost same as flip flops that are comfortable.

Tips while choosing sandals:

– Choose sandals that has natural colors to fit to your dress or clothes.

– Have the exact size of sandals that you will buy. Remember, it should’t be too big nor small for your foot.

– While choosing style, make sure that it looks good on you.

– Check on the sandals and its qualities. Check the stitches.

There are many sandals that a girl can choose from. Sandals are made from varieties of designs and it is up to you if that makes you feel comfortable while using. We highly recommend you to buy shoes/footwear from best online website in India (Click here).

Customer Review:

– 31 years old woman says:
Sandals comes from different varieties and can be used anytime you like. As for a girl like me, I go for gladiator since that is what we used to wear at work. It is comfortable and has the chances of letting your feet breath after the long day. We highly recommend you to buy shoes/footwear from best online website in India (Click here).

– 18 years old teenager says:
– 55 years old woman says:
One of the best sandals for me is the fitflops because it is not painful when you use it and makes you feel comfortable. Fitflops comes with a lot of design that could be worn as a casual sandals or semi-formal sandals. There are fitflops that are made from leather with soft rubber on its sole.

Having a pair of flipflops is something that is unusual to people and the thing why many girls go for flipflops is that it is easy to wear. It can be used when you go to beach, malls.  What is cool about flipflops is that it is somewhat made from a king of rubber that is not really hard on the feet. Flipflops comes from different brands. However, it is really important to look onto its durability. So your effort while choosing to purchase won’t go waste. Flipflops comes with different designs which is suitable for everyone. As of the moment, I have 4 pairs of flipflops. We highly recommend you to buy shoes/footwear from best online website in India (Click here).

Fit for Bridegroom for her wedding in India –

Every girl’s fairy tale is to marry their prince charming at the right time, with the right person and at the right place. However, as a bride, it is not easy to plan for the wedding and decide on what wedding dress to wear and the pair of wedding heels that would fit with the gown.

As people say, you can’t walk on the aisle when you don’t feel that you are the most beautiful and wonderful person on your wedding day. As girls think, one important asset on their personality is the heels they wear and wearing the right pair of heels would make them confident.

Here are some points you have to do:Finding for the pair of wedding heels is not easy and would take a lot of time and patience.

– When purchasing your gown, make sure that you have a pair of heels with you that has similar height with the heels you will wear during your wedding or the heels itself that you will wear on your wedding day. This is important to have the right length for the wedding dress. We highly recommend you to buy shoes/footwear from best online website in India (Click here).

– Have the right fabric of your wedding heels. It is really important that your dress and heels will synchronize with each other. It would look funny if you won’t be wearing the right fabric for the heels and  it would distract the beauty of the gown.

– You have to be wise enough while choosing style of your heels and making sure that it is in harmony with your wedding dress. In this aspect, the looks of the heels matter because it would not look good if the style of your dress is mismatched with the style of your heels.

– It is important that the heel’s decoration and design will match with that of your wedding dress. When you choose the type of heels that has beads, it goes perfectly with dress of pearls.  Finally, we would like to recommend wedge high heels that are best wedding shoes available in India. We highly recommend you to buy shoes/footwear from best online website in India (Click here).

It is really a must to choose the wedding heels that is appropriate for the dress that you’ll be wearing and heels that is comfortable for you because every single detail can affect the whole celebration. Don’t go for heels that looks good yet not comfortable.

Customer Review:

– 27 years old Hindu bride says:
It is true that finding the right heels for your wedding is hard. There are so many designs and styles nowadays that are all beautiful and attractive. Got very amazed with this type of heels and it is unique also.

– 23 years old Muslim bride in India says:
Getting married  really gave a lot of pressure and finding the heels that suits my dress is hard to find until that time. After a long search, finally we have decided best fit.

28 years old Christian bride in India says:
To choose right wedding heels on my wedding is really a great adventure. Imagine, we have to go from store to store, towns to towns and cities to cities. It is just to find the perfect wedding shoes. We purchased this white beaded stiletto heels that is 5 inches high and colored white since we want to make things work in the traditional way. We highly recommend you to buy shoes/footwear from best online website in India (Click here).

– 25 years old Sikh bride says:
During the whole preparation for the wedding, we have planned everything step by step. When we were planning what to wear on the wedding, things started to be difficult. Thanks to this informative article.


Customer Review:

– 20 years old girl says

I love shoes, I am very obsessed with them. The kinds of shoe that I like are wedges since they feel comfortable to walk in, sandals, because this is what I usually wear when I go to malls.

– 43 years old woman says
I like this kind of shoes because it gives you a defined professional look and it gives you a plus points to your appearance. What I have noticed with myself is that every-time I  speak in front of many businessmen and women while wearing pumps, there is this great confidence that I feel towards myself. Surely, shoes can give you a plus factor.  So don’t go with a very simple and dry design but rather the classy, elegant design of shoes.

– 36 years old woman, Teacher in India says:
When you are a teacher, you get to stand up most of the time and do all the talking. But what makes me go on and be comfortable are my pair of black flats. It doesn’t hurt my foot and it ease my foot even if I stand up for eight hours in the classroom. I have collections of different kinds of flats with different designs. I see to it that I don’t wear the same shoes everyday because I don’t want that my shoes will be destroyed right away. We highly recommend you to buy shoes/footwear from best online website in India (Click here).

– 41 years old woman says
I have tried all the kinds of shoes back when I was stil in my 20’s,30’s,40’s and 50’s. Now that I am old, I need a shoe that is relaxing for me. When I go out to meet a couple of friends, I use sandals since it is easy to where. When I go to formal parties at night, I chose to use flat evening shoes since it gives you luxurious looks with all the beads and jewels. As old as I am now, I go for shoes that won’t give me pain.

There are more hills varieties too:– 28 years old woman says:
I can’t go on with my week if I can’t buy new pair of shoes. I am a kind of girl who likes to go out and go to parties that is why I always feel the need to have new pair of shoes since I don’t want to wear the same footwear over and over again. I work in an office and everyday, I don’t wear the same footwear. It gives you confidence and would turn out a bad day into good.

Kitten Heels: This kind of shoe has a heel that is more or less to 1.5 to 2 inches and has a slight curve.
Low Heels: Low heels shoes are not more than 3 inches high. This type of shoe is mostly preferred to be used by office goers.
Medium Heels: This kind of shoes has a heel that is ranging from 3-5 inches. They are comfortable to wear too. We highly recommend you to buy shoes/footwear from best online website in India (Click here).