Guide to buy best brand dog harness in India. 

✓✓ Nylon or Leather for puppies neck and Labrador.

Do not have time to read complete article and tips?  Answer for best leather dog harness is Ferplast 20 mm Ergocomfort Tattoo Dog Harness(Simply click on Amazon linked picture given in below written article. You must buy as it has proven results being used by our Pet expert editor. )

Dog harnesses are used to prevent your dog from choking and a great way to keep your dog from escaping its leash. Dog harness loops around the dog’s lower neck as well as around its torso, thus, preventing escape. If your dog is a puller, a dog harness would be better than a collar since it does not put too much pressure on your dog’s neck.
There are various kinds of dog harnesses such as pet harnesses, sled dog harnesses, dog training harnesses, car safety harnesses and assistance dog harnesses.

Moreover, each are designed depending upon dog’s breed, age, size and activity. There are also different materials that are used in making dog harness and its durability, strength and price depend on materials. When choosing the materials for your dog’s harness, you should consider the climate of your place as well as your dog’s size and breed.We recommend you to buy Ferplast 20 mm Ergocomfort Tattoo Dog Harness. It is best pet harness available in India.  (Simply click on Amazon linked picture given below. You must buy as it has proven result being used by our Pet expert editor. )

Extra Details (Just for additional information):

Why to use Leather Harness Only?
Top choice of harness material is the leather. Leather is a soft, durable and lightweight material and so it provides comfort to your dog. Harnesses made of leather are also easy to clean and weatherproof. Leather harnesses are also ideal for large dogs.

Why not to buy Nylon or Synthetic materials harness?
Synthetic materials like nylon are lightweight materials used in making harnesses. Such material are known to be designed to resist hard usage without breaking so harnesses made of synthetic material last for a couple of years. Dog harnesses made of synthetic material are usually used to police dogs like Rottweiler, Dobberman, Pincher and other service dog breeds. However, this kind of material for dog harness is not recommended for dogs having skin problems like allergies. Such might irritate dog’s skin.

Why not to use Fabrics Harness?
Fabrics found in your house can also be used as dog harness. It is considered the easiest to make and the least costly DIY dog harness and you can also modify and personalize your dog’s harness. But it is never recommended considering high risk of allergies.

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A female Pug owner says:
I have been searching for dog harnesses for my Pug. He is so strong and such a powerful puller. I bought a couple of collars and harnesses for him but he always managed to escape and even destroyed the leash. And so I tried searching in the internet and this is what I found. It’s really made of strong and high material since it is the only harness that Lucky didn’t break and escape at all. He feels comfortable wearing it even during hot weather. It’s also very stylish and it suits perfectly to my Pug. Lucky is not much of a puller anymore. Before, Lucky used to walk ahead of me and sometimes pulled me as if I’m the pet. Now, I can walk confidently on the park or anywhere in the street with Lucky on my side instead. Thanks to this harness! He’s now wearing it for a couple of years and it’s still great.

A male Boxer owner says:
I bought this harness for my Boxer a few months ago and it’s totally awesome. It perfectly fits just below his neck and around his body. It’s made of thick and high quality leather so it’s very sturdy and durable. It’s simple yet stylish and easy to clean so I love it too. I also love its handle. I had just set up another order of this harness for my other dogs. Such a great buy!

A female Bichon frise and Siberian husky says:
This harness is perfect for both my Lulu, a Bichon frise and Sparky, a Siberian husky. I really am not used to put leash on my dogs except when I want to walk and play with them outside, and probably, so they are. But I was surprised that they are both comfortable to wear this harness. It’s great for large dogs like my Siberian husky as well as for small ones like my Bichon frise.

An Alaskan malamute owner says:
This is the best leash for my Maximus, an Alaskan malamute. I used to leash him with collars but I just can’t get the right fit. I’m afraid that he might be choked if it’s too tight so I loosen it but he could always escape. Then, I would tighten it a little and he will feel uncomfortable. So my pet’s vet suggested to use harnesses instead of collars and she recommended me this harness. This leather harness is just too excellent. The leather is great and really thick but stays soft and delicate which does not cause any skin problem to him. It’s not heavy nor too light. It is also easy to adjust so it’s perfect since Maximus is still growing. It’s very durable and just ideal if you are looking for leash that will last a lifetime. It is definitely a wise decision of me to purchase this product. I highly recommend this for your dogs too.