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Nothing provides more comfort and protection than our own homes. The same thing also goes with your dogs. Dogs might feel safe and delighted to stay in and even roam around your house or apartment. But they also need a special place where they can eat, rest, sleep and have their own privacy. A cozy shelter is indeed one of their basic needs and providing them with their own home is a part of caring and raising them.


When choosing a dog house, it is very important to know the breed of your dogs. Some breeds of dog such as Alaskan malamute, Bloodhound, Akita and Dalmatian grow as large dogs so they will need bigger kennel that will provide more space and accommodate the their size as they grow into an adult. However, some stay small like Pomeranian, Yorkshire Terrier, and Shih Tzu and they just need a smaller space. It should be just spacious for your dog to be able to move around but also not too wide that your dog might get lost in it. We recommend you to buy Fluffy’s Luxurious Soft Red & Blue Dog/Cat Bed Both Side House (Simply click on Amazon linked picture given below. You must buy as it has proven result being used by our Pet expert editor. )

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What to consider if required buying Kennels:
The kennel should be designed to provide optimum comfort and protection to your dogs. It should be a great home for your dog to stay in and keep warm during the cold season and also a well-ventilated place for your dog to freshen up during the warm season. You may build a kennel for your dog or you may buy a readily made and easy-to-assemble one instead. Whatever your choice may be, kennels should be made up of durable materials. The walls are usually made of chain link fencing. The floor may be concrete, wooden, plastic or filled in with pea gravel or large flat stones. However, wood flooring is least likely recommended since some woods contain chemicals that are harmful to dogs and woods may also hurt your dog with its fragments. Gates should be wide enough to provide ease as your dog enter and exit its kennel.

Dog kennels are usually placed outdoors. When choosing location for the dog kennel, you should consider if there’s a nice drainage and adequate shadings in that particular area. Also, refrain from positioning it in areas near your neighbor as your dog’s barking will surely cause disturbance. There are also portable dog kennels that are perfect when you will move in or travel with your dog.

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Product Reviews

A male Rottweiler owner says:
I used to have one big kennels for my dogs. But since I got my Rocky, a Rottweiler, I have to make another kennel because they always fight with one another. So I build another kennel but Rocky is too strong that he can destroy it and escape from it. Then, I came across this dog kennel on the internet and was convinced to buy by the buyers’ feedback saying that it is made of strong and high quality material. And it really is! Now Rocky can’t escape from this kennel even he bites or chews the chain wall. He also feels comfortable inside his new home. I’m considering buying another, but a bigger one, for my other dogs.

A male Jack Russell owner says:
I got a 1-year-old Jack Russell and he used to stay in his old kennel where he always managed to escape. He is such a great escape artist and a high jumper. His old kennel is kinda high alreafy so I don’t know how he managed to reach its top and escape. So I chose this one which is pretty much higher and more spacious. I was a bit confused at first as how to assemble it but after studying the manuals and instruction for a little while, I managed to build it up. I think it’s much easier to assemble than the other ones. And it’s really made of high quality metal so it does not rust until now. It’s as sturdy as how it appears in the pictures. I also love it because I can place it wherever I want to. I recommended this dog kennel to my friends and they are also highly satisfied as I am.

A Doberman pinscher owner says:
Shadow, a Doberman pinscher, is such a territorial dog. He won’t let my Mastiff inside his kennel though it’s pretty much spacious yet. So I was necessitated to buy another kennel. And this one is what i bought. It was great. Definitely better than the one that Shadow has. It’s very durable and easy to assemble. My Mastiff loves staying inside it. It’s such a great purchase at an affordable price.