Guide to buy  online best brand dog puppy milk replacer in India.
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Do not have time to read complete article and tips?  Answer for best milk replacer is Beaphar Lactol Milk Supplement for Puppies. (Simply click on Amazon linked picture given in below written article. You must buy as it has proven results being used by our Pet expert editor. )

Mother dog’s milk will always be the best for its puppies. It contains all the essential nutrients, vitamins and enzymes that are crucial to support the delicate needs of little puppies. However, there might be instances that the mother will be reluctant to breastfeed its puppies or milk production is not sufficient to its little ones.

When faced by such circumstances, you will need puppy milk replacer. Whether you choose to resort to commercially available puppy milk replacer or prefer to make it on your own, you should make sure that it is formulated with nutrients that your puppies need. We recommend you to buy Beaphar Lactol Milk Supplement for Puppies, 250 ml. It is best Milk replacer brand available in India.  (Simply click on Amazon linked picture given. You must buy as it has proven result being used by our Pet expert editor.)

Extra Details: Read below useful information suggesting important ingredients of good milk replacer:

Little puppies need proteins as they grow especially during early stage. Protein is an important nutrient for puppies since it aids in building and maintaining healthy bones, muscles and tissues, it increases your puppy’s immunity and it facilitates in the transfer of food nutrients.

Puppy milk replacer should include edible and easily digestible foods. Fats provide energy and are helpful in absorbing nutrients and vitamins. Thus, a right portion of essential fats should be contained in milk replacer to provide optimal growth and development.

Milk replacers should be rich in calcium as this nutrient helps in making your puppy develop healthier and stronger teeth and bones that would be vital as it grows.

Other nutrients and minerals:
Puppy milk replacer should also contain right amount of other nutrients such as carbohydrates, and other minerals and vitamins. Milk replacer should be highly digestible and has palatable taste and great smell.

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A Great Dane dog and puppies owner says:
My Cassy, a Great Dane, suddenly became hesitant to feed her five puppies a few weeks after she gave birth to them. Good thing I bought this milk replacer just in case there would be problem with feeding these puppies, and it worked so well. It’s really a great substitute for their mom’s milk. And they grow strong and beautifully.


A Poodle puppy owner says:
I really love Poodles and I really want to have one and so I bought a puppy Poodle a few weeks ago. The pet shop owner told me that the puppy can’t eat solid foods yet and still needs to be nursed. He handed me the milk replacer that this little puppy used to be fed with. The puppy looks healthy and lively so I think that this product is really good so I continue giving this to her. It’s really good. It’s easy to dissolve and she loves its taste. It’s also not so expensive as other brands. It’s a definitely a great buy.

A Maltese puppies owner says:
Several days after my Maltese gave birth to her puppies, she died unfortunately. Good thing her three puppies were able to get colostrum. But they needed to have milk to survive so we consulted the nearest veterinarian and he recommended this product. I think it’s as good as their mother’s milk so they grow wonderfully. My puppies are full grown dogs now and they are all healthy. This is really great and I highly recommend this for puppies.