Unique and best gifts to buy for brother for special occasions like birthdays, Marriage anniversaries, Bhaiya Duj, Ceremonies & Raksha bandhan called Rakhi.

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He can be rough on you, screw those perfect moments you are supposed to have with friends, get you embarrassed while he almost die laughing and all those silly and stupid pranks he may do but an older brother will always be there in times of trouble and defend his younger siblings no matter what’s the cost.

A younger brother can be irritating with his stubbornness; he might keep the house with unrest in his noisiness, you might hate him for many reasons just because your parents choose to tolerate those annoying acts he always do but at the end of the day, he could be the sweetest and cutest little boy that would give you a bunch of kisses to bid your stress away. For all gift items, we recommend to buy gifts from our recommended Best Website to buy Gifts Online in India.

No matter how many fights and arguments you may have with him, those will never level the good memories and laughter you both shared together. A brother will always be a brother and as what Marc Brown has said, ‘Sometimes being a brother is even better than being a superhero’.

There will be times that siblings gets awkward on dramatic situations and choose not to be more expressive with their affection towards each other because they would better be sarcastic than being in a serious mood but this does not give us the reason to undermine their love for each other. Now what might be the perfect avenue for you to express it rather than in words is through gifts. Special occasions like Christmas holidays, Valentine ’s Day, Birthdays, wedding anniversaries and even just simple days when he has scored high in his exams or has been promoted to work- these are leeway for you to think of a perfect gift for him to be delighted. We all want to give the best gifts, that kind that we know our money and efforts have never gone to waste. Whether it be kind of expensive or even the cheapest one will always be worth the price and time. Seeing them happy is the most rewarding feeling you could ever have. For all gift items, we recommend to buy gifts from our recommended Best Website to buy Gifts Online in India.

You could have been thinking by now on what thing will you place in that box. Here are some of the best things you could give him:

Cool Headphones

Amazing music to start the day, you can connect with those singers like for real. Hear the music like how exactly the artist should sound live, at anytime, anywhere. Offer your brother that amazing alter ego when in boredom or just when needing the right kind of motivational music as his study buddy.

Sporty Basketball

Young ones and grown-ups, as long as his a boy, he would love to dribble. Give you’re the brother the convenience of not having to go to the neighborhood just to find someone who could lend him a basketball. Let him have his own.

Flying Alarm clock

Having a hard time to be on time for school? Or just lately been reprimanded by his boss because of arriving too late for the meeting? Rescue him and give him that perfect ‘wake up and rise machine’ he badly needed. He will surely rise to bed as the propeller of the clock launches into the air at the sound of the alarm. Nothing could keep him away from the sound unless he catches that flying clock just to turn it off. Alarm clocks would fit perfectly for those staying up late at night yet needing to wake up early in the morning. For all gift items, we recommend to buy gifts from our recommended Best Website to buy Gifts Online in India.

Sporty Table Lamp

Add a little light and life to that cavern-like room while being funky in style with that sporty table lamp. Table lamps are economically useful and decorative at the same time. Shed some aura of style and comfort to his room by giving him one.

Phone Covers

Keep him updated with the trendiest and wackiest fashion phone covers in town. Choose that most awesome design that fits his style while keeping that phone looking new and well protected.

Men’s Watch Collection

Get him ready for work or school with different elegant styles to choose from in that all in leather case collection of watches. So that he could have that variation of prominent look with the different types of days.

Chocolates for the cute little ones

Who doesn’t love chocolates anyone? Even big boys might steal one from their younger brother’s box of goodies. But most perfect for the kids to enjoy, give your little brother a treat with his most favorite chocolates and let him gulp those delicious chunks while wearing that sweetest smile of gratitude. For all gift items, we recommend to buy gifts from our recommended Best Website to buy Gifts Online in India.

Laptop sleeve

He might be having a hard time keeping that laptop while being away for some time to attend into something important. Make it handy for him and secure his thing in the coolest laptop sleeve.

Robotic Tank Puzzle

For children from six to ten years old, they might love to play with those robotic tanks while challenging their critical thinking and style for having to assemble the toy first before being able to play with it.

Men’s Fitness and Gym Gloves

Give your brother a head start for his day’s work out and fitness activities while protecting him from serious bruises. Look for comfortable gloves that will protect his hands and enhance his grip. He will surely be excited to spend another day at the gym while keep secured of his ease and comfort.

Shave Kit

Maintain that handsome boy next door look; keep him looking cool and tidy by providing him that shaving kit. Put some glam in this exceptional morning ritual in a kit which may contain pre-shave oil to his soften the beard, shaving cream to protect the skin from irritation, shaving brush to get rid of those hairs, and finally an after-shave balm to soothe the skin. For all gift items, we recommend to buy gifts from our recommended Best Website to buy Gifts Online in India.

Couple Coffee Mug

It’s your beloved brother’s wedding anniversary and you are about to give the simplest yet sweetest gift for the couple. Give them that exclusively designed for couples coffee mug which will make their mornings lovelier as they romantically drink coffee in that mug together. You can also personalize the mug in a way that would make them feel more special. Include pictures or their names along with some words of encouragements.

Portable Dj Mixer

Music lovers and aspiring Djs, a portable Disc Jockey Mixer will be perfect for them. Bring the beat on as they show off their style in making smooth transitions among the variety of song choices and plugged it into the mixer.

Executive Portfolio

Got that hard-working, business minded, always on the go brother? Keep his track of appointments in order and a sure compartment to house his important papers while making it handy and comfortable for him. Or keep him prepared and looking great for his upcoming job interviews and presentations.

Personalized Picture Frame

Your brother had just received another precious gift from heaven; their first baby had just been born. Capture this perfect moment and this remembrance as another milestone in the couple’s married life. Reward him a picture frame in which they can place the cutest picture of the family with the new baby.

Personalized shirts

How about a shirt that shouts out all those lovable things you want to say to your brother? May it be ‘The world’s coolest brother’, or things like ‘hey dude, you’re the craziest yet the funkiest best buddy ever’? Put a flavor of your own creativeness and show him that he is dear to you.

Beer birthday cake

It’s what we call ‘men’s cake’. Buy some bunch of his favorite beer brands, tower them up to look like a layer of cake and wrap them in a ribbon. Put extra drama on it with a card and let him celebrate his special day together with his friends with that unique cake.

Boxer Shorts

Compared to other male undergarments, boxer shorts undoubtedly provided more comfort and freedom while worn. Select this as a perfect gift for your brother and keep him at perfect ease and convenience while at home without of course discounting the fashionable yet manly designs and prints available at large.


Add up to his collection in that book shelf. A bookish kind of brother will always love to discover that inside the gift box is his most precious past time weapon. You can choose inspirational books which may give him better outlook in life or novels that are according to his interest. There are also book series by famous authors and you can get him that full set of saga if he is seriously hooked up in that novel or fictional book. For all gift items, we recommend to buy gifts from our recommended Best Website to buy Gifts Online in India.

Fun in that PlayStation

Remember how noisy and excited they were as he and your neighbor got to play that magic box. The thing is, he may have to go to your neighbor just to have that thrill of excitement again. Go get him his own play station and be it his turn to invite friends at home.

The perfect scent of Perfume

That’s when he never leaves the house without spraying that thing over him. Go get him his signature scent and keep the girls go crazy of how adorable he smells. Men will always love perfumes for many possible reasons, one thing is that it creates in them that manly and cool aura girls always love.

Leather Shoes

Get that shiny thing for your brother and see how he walks like a boss in those elegantly designed leather shoe. A shoe will always be a sign of their standards and sometimes it defines how prominent a man is. You may not know how far those smooth and comfy leathered thing might get him. For all gift items, we recommend to buy gifts from our recommended Best Website to buy Gifts Online in India.

See choosing the best gift might be somewhat stressful with a long list of possibilities which may give you a hard time to choose from. One thing to always consider is to ask you about- what must my brother really like for a gift? Is this something that suits the occasion? Is this something that suits his personality?

You can always talk to him and ask him what he really likes, there is no harm in that by which in that case you will be sure that he would love it knowing that it is his choice. Or if you’re better thinking of a surprise then choose not to show any slightest hint you are into something. This secret way might get you more difficulty in choosing but either ways, you can always ask your parents about their opinion or even his friends making every effort to keep it a secret from him. You can also think of an experience together wherein you both go shopping or just go into grocery together and he got his eye into something that he really wants to buy. You can take a sneak peak of his interests, what he loves doing, his hobbies, his best past time activities and even things that they usually do with his friends. The things that he loves doing the most might give a clue on what to give him. Surprises are the most amazing part of giving; it’s when you see those reactions that show how unexpected things went for them. Also, never forget to prepare those cheesy and affectionately full of drama speeches because this could be your rarest opportunity to completely be honest  to him about how he have been as a brother. You can always mention those chaotic fights at the living room and all those silly arguments you had but never forget to say those lovely things that made him an awesome brother. For all gift items, we recommend to buy gifts from our recommended Best Website to buy Gifts Online in India.

Think of something you can do for your brother today. Think of something that will actually make him glad and get your time and energy into that. Let the love of a sibling compel you to do it so because apart from it, those presents comes with no value and will just be any other material things that will soon fade. But if material and tangible things depreciates, your relationship with your brother last longer than all of these.