Perfect Guide to buy Best Gifts for kids. It includes special occasion like birthdays, christening, and Christmas. Kids love toys and unique gifts.

There are so many different occasions that we celebrate depending on the culture of a certain country, but what makes it special is the gift that  we have for that event. Especially for kids, they always expect that they will receive special gifts in special occasions and sometimes they ask for what they want or they make their wish list.

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Firstly, we must educate you that while planning your unique gifts what are available options!!

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Kids love receiving gifts in their birthdays and Christmas. Those occasions are the most awaited occasions for them for they know they will be able to receive gifts. They look at Christmas a gift giving event where there could possibly lots of gifts and gifts and parties are also the big reason why they were able to remember the birthdays.

It is important for us to do an effort make our gifts special for kids expect too much and they easily get upset and disappointed if a certain gift didn’t match their expectations. There are lots of things to consider when choosing a gift for kids and those things could be helpful to make our gifts special. Gifts don’t have to be expensive just to make it special. They always say that “It’s the thought that counts” which is true for kids will never ask about the amount of the gift but instead, they will appreciate gifts on how it looks like and on how it will work with them. For all gift items, we recommend to buy gifts from our recommended Best Website to buy Gifts Online in India.

Things to consider in choosing gifts for kids

There are lots of things that we can consider in choosing gifts for kids in order to satisfy their expectations. It will be helpful if we ask the help of those who mostly know what a certain kid wants. It could possibly their parents if the kid was not your child, the kid’s best friend, or the kid himself. Here are some of the things that we can consider in helping us to choose the perfect gift for kids.

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Kids have their favorite colors, sometimes they compare it with others favorite colors and they consider it when it comes to choosing things. Just like when the start of school comes, they choose their notebooks, ball pens, pencils, erasers, and even their bags based on their favorite colors. Also when they are able to choose the dress that they will buy, they consider their favorite color. Sometimes we can see kids wearing things in combination or pairs. When they are wearing pink dress, their pony tails, hair bands, watch, and shoes comes in color pink too. They usually do it especially with their favorite colors. You see, if you consider their favorite color, there will be a big possibility that they will like the gift that you are going to give for it can add up to their collection for they love to collect things that has the color of their favorite. You could possibly upset a kid if he or she receives a gift that doesn’t match his or favorite color. 


This is the most important thing to consider in choosing gifts. It is important that you know the gender of the kid that you are going to give a gift for you to know what kind of gift you are going to buy and in order to match their needs. For example, you are going to give a gift to a little boy celebrating his birthday; you must choose a gift that is actually for boys. I could possibly be a toy like robot, a ball, a toy gun, or anything that little boys love to play. It could also be clothes or shoes that are for boys. If you are giving school supplies as a gift, gender could be determined by the print on the supplies. You can choose whether the school supply that you want to buy is for girls or for boys. For all gift items, we recommend to buy gifts from our recommended Best Website to buy Gifts Online in India.


There is no such kid who doesn’t have his or her favorite cartoon or TV character. There are lots of characters that can be seen on TV that most kids admire. They always wanted to have something that has their favorite character on it for sometimes they collect it. It will be best for you to know his or her favorite character for you to have reference on what gift you can buy. You can ask their parents about it or whoever knows about it.


Most things now are printed even T-shirts can have prints too either customized or not. Prints could possibly words or sayings, famous logos, animals, plants, famous celebrities, or cartoon and TV characters. Aside from considering the character printed on the gift that you are going to buy, make sure that the print on a certain thing has positive meaning or view for there are prints that could be bad or not a good influence for kids. Make sure that it is kid friendly that it won’t affect the child’s way of thinking.


All of us have different hobbies that we spent most of our times. Same with the kids, they also have things that they usually do or they have their own hobbies too that they love to do every day. It will be better if you also consider their hobby in choosing a gift for them. For example, a kid loves to play basketball, despite of his favorite character and color; it could possibly be a good idea if you give him a ball, a playing shoe, or a pair of jersey with his name on it. Same with the other hobbies as long as the gift that you will buy will match their hobbies.


Of course age will be very important in choosing a gift. Although this is all about kids, they still differ on their age and they might also differ on the way they think. There are things that might not be appropriate at a certain age. For example, you are about to buy a gift for a new born baby, then the choice of gifts must be for babies. You can’t give a toy gun to a new born baby. Instead, buy some bib, mittens, pacifiers, or feeding bottle as a gift which is appropriate for their age.


This is applicable for gifts like clothes, shoes, or anything that can be wore. When buying those kinds of gifts, you must know what size fits perfectly to the kid that you are about to give a gift. It is important for they will be using it and it must fit them in order for them to use it. For example, a kid has a foot that has a size of 4; you must buy shoe that is size 4 which is appropriate to his feet. You can’t buy a shoe that has a size of 6 for the kid will not be able to use it and it might make the kid feel bad about it. For all gift items, we recommend to buy gifts from our recommended Best Website to buy Gifts Online in India.


Possible gifts for kids

After considering those things in buying gifts, it is now time for you to decide what gift will be best for kids. There could be lots of gifts for kids at the mall that you can choose from but there are things that possibly most kids would like to have. Here are some of the gifts that can help you to decide.


Not only boys love biking but also girls. Who wouldn’t want to have something to ride on during the afternoon? Kids love to roam around and go to places with their best friends. Especially boys who love to have small races with their friends. If you are going to choose this kind of gift, make sure that you will include things that will keep them safe like helmets and knee and elbow protection.


This is mostly common to boy for it is natural to boys to love playing basketball. Although there are boys who don’t like basketball and there could also a possibility a girl would love playing basketball too. In that case, consider what the kid’s want.

Dress or clothes

Kids always want to have new things especially when it comes to the clothes they wear. They always want to have new clothes to show to their friends and use on the special events that they will attend like birthday parties or Christmas parties. It will be a nice gift for kids especially when it has their favorite characters on it or it is on their favorite colors. Clothes can be also a best gift even to the newborn babies.


Shoes are nice gifts not only for kids but also for everyone. Kids also love to have new shoes to wear on school and show it to their friends. Make sure that you are going to choose a shoe that has a good quality in order for them to use it in a long period of time. Babies use shoes too so it can also be given as a gift to babies making sure that it will have a good quality that it will not damage their skin.

School Supplies

School supplies can be a nice gift for kids for it won’t just serves as a gift but they can also use it to their academic activities. Sometimes having new things in school can inspire a kid to go to school every day for it gives them the excitement of using those new things and show it to their friends. It will also be a help especially when that kid can’t afford to buy school supplies.  School supplies can also have their prints where you can apply his or her favorite character which can also give an additional inspiration for them at school. For all gift items, we recommend to buy gifts from our recommended Best Website to buy Gifts Online in India.


Toys could not be that important to be chosen but sometimes kids also need to have something where they can have fun after school. In buying toys, it is important to consider the age and the gender of the kid that you are going to give gifts. You know boys won’ play Barbie dolls unless it is what they really want that can be an indication of what they will be in the future. Kidding aside, make sure that it will have a good quality so it will last for a long time. Also, make sure that it will be safe especially if you are going to give it to babies for they might bite it. It is important that it will not have small particles that can be swallowed.

A day out

Gift doesn’t always have to be material things to say that it is special. It could be also a day out with the whole family or bring them to a place where they can enjoy for a whole day. Although it is not something that they can hold or touch but it will be something that they can keep on their minds that will serve as a happy memory that they can recall whenever they want. There will be no other best thing than seeing our kids happy and smiling all day. Make sure that where ever you are going to bring them, it will suit their age and they will enjoy it. For all gift items, we recommend to buy gifts from our recommended Best Website to buy Gifts Online in India.


Remember that the prize of a certain gift will never matter as long as it will give them the satisfaction that they want. Kids will never ask about prizes and the value of a gift is not based on their prizes. No matter what gift you are going to give, always put sincerity on it or show them that it is a gift from your heart and not just to say that you have a gift. It is not bad to put little surprises as long as the gift will fit to what they really want. On the other hand, it is not bad if you directly ask a kid about what gift he or she wants to receive for you to know what to buy. Although it will not be a surprise anymore but at least you find a way to reach out on what will really satisfy them. Remember, “It’s the thought that counts”.