Unique and best gift idea to buy for husband/men in India. ☜➀☞ For his birthday, Marriage anniversary, Engagement, Wedding night, Romantic valentines surprise.

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When the slow paced day has ended, when you can now rest in serenity at the place you call your home, you lie down, think for a while of what has passed throughout the day and then close your eyes to sleep. After the dawn is breaking and it’s another early morning to celebrate the goodness of life, you open your eyes and welcome the new day. Then from here you pause and start to recall who has been with you in those moments. From closing a day to opening another one, that someone must be so special to spend those significant moments with- it’s your chunkee, lovey-dovey, honeybunch and sweetie, the most caring and loving husband in the world made those milestones in your married life now, even more vibrant. For all gift items, we recommend to buy gifts from our recommended Best Website to buy Gifts Online in India.

Ways to say and express to him your love comes in many forms around the corner; you just got to figure out the best one. How about giving him a gift in special occasions like birthdays, Christmas, Valentine’s, Anniversary or even make it not exclusive in holidays and special seasons, it’s just that he got another job promotion or he hit that sale quota? It will be nicer to choose the perfect gift that will match his interest. As a wife, you have probably received most of the care, the attention from your husband and being the winner from most of your silly fights just because of you are the girl and he is the guy paradigm. Now it’s time to sort of give back that attention, give way and make him feel that he is much more special to you than all the pampering and spoil he gives you.

Giving a gift is a symbol of harmony upon your marriage. It signifies that a stronger bond is being established by both parties in expressing their love through gifts. The fact that it doesn’t need to be always a luxurious item but it can be that one thing that he will surely value at the end of the day no matter what is its cost, is a unifying idea to sum up how important exchanging not just material things but even mutual emotions and happiness in your married life. In choosing the perfect gift to give your husband, many possible things comes exactly on the list and you will always want to make sure that you are extending your efforts into something that will surely paint that smile on his face. For all gift items, we recommend to buy gifts from our recommended Best Website to buy Gifts Online in India.

Now to help you adjust with the dilemma, here are just a few of what you can possibly give your husband in those mentioned events:

Journal- Aside from relating the stories to you at the very end of his day, it would surely been nicer to write it in a journal about how crazy that bus ride was when he was cramming not to get late at office, or how funny was that conversation with his officemates at lunchtime or how amazing the taste of that cookie you made for him. He can even write the lessons he has learned that day as he reflects about it. It would be great to have it recorded when he can always scan through the pages and giggle with those experiences.

Ear buds for his music high soul- Get him the trendiest and coolest ear buds in town and keep his heart skippin’ and beatin’ at the sound like he is in a real live concert. This is a really good gift for husbands passionately inclined with music.

Miniature Model Car – For boys, no one is really too old for toy cars. Get him that cute model car and bring his fun childhood memories back. How nice would it be to see him and your son play together, would not your heart get fat at that adorable sight? Comes in funky colors and styles, choose your best bet, include for your son too and watch them in a toy car race together.

Beard Oil- Tame your honey’s beard and show him that you care for his grooming as much as he does.  Aside from that lovely scent, this smoothen the hairs to avoid it to get brittle while shaving. By this, he don’t need to have that sharp beard but instead a smooth-flawless one which for sure you’ll love to caress.

Keep it all clean and neat Handkerchiefs- Got that too concerned to look neat husband? Give him that hankie set which will sustain him throughout the week. He would surely love it as you add more of a flavor by having his initials embroidered at each of them. That would be an extra thoughtful idea. For all gift items, we recommend to buy gifts from our recommended Best Website to buy Gifts Online in India.

Up by Jawbone- Heard of that coolest revolution in technology today? It’s that something that will guide you into a better you. Let him be in his better shape while having that most awesome bracelet that tracks your progress in your activities, diets and sleep and synced it into an app that will track your progress. This goes best for husbands who love to work out and are maintaining that certain body shape.

Prayer Book- How about having that time together strengthening your spirituality? A book that contains one-minute prayer guides will surely suit your quiet time together with God.

Men’s hygiene kit- Exhausted after a long day’s home run activities? Take that tender care into another level  and pamper your working husband enough for him to still feel fresh and clean while having that masculine type of thing with those entire guy stuffs in that hygiene kit. Everything he’ll need to stay comfortable and cool is on the go. Soften his hands and avoid getting it calloused with the scrub, moisturize it with the hand lotion, include soap for his bath, toothbrush for dental care, smell good while staying dry with an antiperspirant spray, Razor and a shaving cream for his growing beard. This would also be a useful thing for being handy so that he can carry it with him in his travels. For all gift items, we recommend to buy gifts from our recommended Best Website to buy Gifts Online in India.

Tie Protector Case- Prevent that prominent executive look from being ruined and keep his tie away from creases especially when his on a travel. A tie protector case will be most suiting for your workaholic honey.

Eyeglass holder- Store his eyeglasses in the most secured yet stylish thing. An eyeglass holder will be perfect to keep it from breaking than just having to put it anywhere around the house that he might have a hard time finding.

Canvas Backpack- On the go for adventure husband who takes you into mountain climbing and hiking?  A canvas backpack will surely spin him round, another thing to be his best buddy as he goes on with those adventure stuffs. You may not know the convenience and comfort it may bring him and the fun his got to spend with as you go making memories together. For all gift items, we recommend to buy gifts from our recommended Best Website to buy Gifts Online in India.

A beanie for the cold weather- Comes in colorful hat colors just to maintain that distinctively funky look, a beanie will be seemingly perfect for a night out in winter’s day.

Corkscrew- A home party with friends or just wine toasts with colleagues on the most special occasions in his life- complete the party with an easy grip corkscrew to add convenience to this celebration while dramatically opening that wine.

Keep it in place Collar Knuckles- Smooth metallic strips to have him the assurance that his shirt collar lies perfectly flat in place. This thing will give your husband that tidy and well-prepared look perfect for his job interviews, executive presentations or that meeting with prestigious man in town. Watch him as he walks through the door with that always ready-competitive aura in him.

Rock Me Archimedes Abstract Game- Get rid of that boredom with this strategic, mind-blowing game.  This is a two player game in which the goal of each player is to be the first to get four of your colored marbles in the end zone to win. They will have to roll a dice to determine how many spaces they must move. What makes it more exciting is that it is basically a teeter-totter so you’ll going to be in that perfect balance on that lever kind of thing to win. Any player who’ll make the board touch the ground even for a nanosecond eventually loses the game. Those marbles act as a balancing weight to the board so you better get that marble in their perfect place.

Clue Board Game- Another game to add up spice in that one hot summer day at home; It’s must be good for family bonding since it would require 2 to 6 players each game. This is a murder-mystery game so this circulates mainly on ‘the murderer’, ‘the location of the murder’ and ‘the murder weapon’.  The goal of the players is correctly name the three of them by having their characters go around the mansion to get a clue. This game would be exciting since all of you will have to anticipate who will be the first one to correctly name the three. For all gift items, we recommend to buy gifts from our recommended Best Website to buy Gifts Online in India.

Massage candles- These are awesome candles that would light your room up and the wax that melts is actually massage oil that does no harm to the skin. Reward your husband with that sensual massage in the most alluring scent of the candle wax. Pour it on him now; he deserves to have a break.

Mind Reading and Fun Tricks- He’d surely love those play time with the kids; give them another unique memory of bonding time by giving him this kit of fun tricks. How adorable would it be to see your husband and the kids playing mind reading together as your husband shows off those tricks that will make the kids swoon?

Utility Belt- Whether it will just be for hiking, for a bicycle ride or just a simple stroll in the park, everything you will need is in its place while staying hands free- This is what a utility belt does.  From his flashlight, to tools and gadgets, it can hold all this for him. Stay cool and free with that convenient thing he will just have to tie on his waist.

Desk Organizer- For business men, this kind of gift will fit perfectly in that executive desk. Put those pencils, pens, scissors and paper clips in the most appropriate place. Organize his desk and avoid those time consuming search for just a single pen or clip.

All these in no matter how big, how small and what form it may be does not actually measure your love for each other, only it proves to your spouse how they will never be forgotten. What seems to be the most important in this world are things that are actually not tangible such as the thought of you giving the gift comes actually with more value than the gift. This means to say that your relationship, the love that you have shared and the harmony that you have always maintained through these years now will always fly amongst all the things money can buy or those that the eye can see or a bare hand can touch. For all gift items, we recommend to buy gifts from our recommended Best Website to buy Gifts Online in India.

Let us never discount then the efforts in working that marriage hand in hand, of letting it grow, cherishing love to prosper. Apart from love, all of these are nothing. So with your gift, do not forget to emphasize and dwell more on having to spend that time together or if you won’t be able to be with your husband at that time never forget to find ways in order for the both of you to connect with each other. Always have some time to talk matters with, about your children, your future, your dreams and most especially your commitment. No relationship must be really perfect what’s important is that we learn from the past mistakes and take every opportunity to work it out better than it had been done before. In order for that to be achieved, you need each other to make things work.