Pedigree is best brand dry dog food in India. Guide to buy best Pedigree vegetarian dog food online in India. 

Best quality.

√ For puppies & adult dog.

(Keep reading carefully for dog food of both Puppies and Adult dogs)

There is no doubt that Pedigree dog food is best and proven dry dog food brand in India. Most of people will trust to buy dog food of Pedigree brand only.

Which Pedigree Dog Food to Buy?  (Important Shopping Guide by Editor- Dog Care Professional and expert):

For Dog Puppies: You must buy Pedigree Puppy Milk and Vegetables, 3 kg. We bought it from Amazon which sells price of around 500 rupees and cheaper with some offers. Our personal experience to purchase this product from amazon was really very nice. It provided best quality product. (We have used it for all breeds of Puppies in India and it is highly recommended.)

We recommend that You should buy it from below amazon link only (Click below image to buy it):

For Adult Dogs: You must buy Pedigree Adult Vegetarian 3 kg. We are using this dog food for our adult dogs who is very healthy and active. Our dog never got any health problems or illness. (Again, we recommend to buy from Amazon only.) Refer below  image link to buy:

bove product’s price for 3kg is around 500 rupees. But price for 10 kg can be around 1500 rupees based on more units you will be buying.

Now, We will tell you main reasons why you should buy above Recommended Dog Food products:

  • We are professional pet carer and have personally trusted above dog food as best dog food brand available in India.
  • We have used above mentioned products for all dog breeds in India which includes Labrador,  Rottweiler, German shepherd, Pugs and many others. It must make you comfortable while buying it.
  • We have been constantly using both categorized food that includes for puppies and adult dogs.  (Dogs and Puppies being raised are very healthy and active. It is really best experience and please to see dogs very healthy.)
  • We have personally bought it from Amazon. (Honestly, our personal belief is that above mentioned links will provide best quality product with complete originality.)
  • We will advice you to prefer Vegetarian food only considering Indian conditions. It will help to keep dog healthy while being mixed with home made Vegetarian foods.

Why to wait now? 

Although you have full right to research more but we do not think that you may get better shopping guidance than it.

We highly recommend you to buy above products without any hesitations. These dog food provided by Pedigree brand are really of best quality and must be used.

You can contact us if any assistance needed in future.


Lustrous coat, bright eyes, strong and clean teeth, good posture, almost ideal height and weight for your dog’s breed, alert and enthusiastic and having strong immunity — these are the signs of a happy and healthy dog. Your dog could attain all these qualities if it is fed with only the right and the best dog foods.

Importance of Right Dry Food Feeding:
Feeding is a very essential part for caring for dogs. You definitely wish that your dog only gets the best from what it eats. There are different choices when it comes to dog foods. Kibbles or dry dog foods are the most common dog food and it is usually chosen and recommended my most dog owners. These foods are considered complete in nutrients and are as good as natural foods. Countless dry dog foods are available in the market and so it might really be confusing which one you should buy and give to your dog. Surely, you don’t want to put your dog’s health at risk.

When choosing the kibbles for your dog, you should consider the following:

The label is a way of communication between the food product’s manufacturers and the dog owners. It should contain the brand and product name, name and address of the manufacturer or distributor, the name of species for which the food is intended, quantity statement, guaranteed analysis, ingredient and nutritional adequacy statement, and the feeding directions.

Dogs are omnivorous so they can eat both meat and certain cereals and grains. However, their digetive system is designed for meats, which are rich in protein rather than foods rich in carbohydrates. So when choosing dry kibbles, seek for the “A” grade meats in the ingredients list. Also, white meat ingredients are better since these are much easier to digest. Egg is also a great source of protein and rich in many other nutrients so it’s also a great inclusion. Dogs also need carbohydrates so look for high quality carbohydrate source such as whole grains, cereals and corns. Dog kibbles should also contain a portion of fiber, vitamins and other necessary.

Everything that’s within each pack of a dry dog’s food should be disclosed in the ingredients list. Artificial flavourings, colourings, and preservatives should also be included in the ingredients list. However, these should be FDA-approved or generally known to be safe and suitable for eating.

Dogs might be first attracted to dry food due to its scent and flavour. However, the texture of the food should also be considered. Stomach-turning food texture might lose your dog’s appetite resulting to inadequate food nutrients intake, which is not good. Food texture preference depends on your dog and usually each dog has its own texture needs. For instance, puppies or younger dogs would prefer smooth dry foods rather than rough texture.

Size and Shape:
The size and shape of the kibbles should also be considered. It should not be too large that your dog will have difficulty when biting and chewing it, and it should also be not too small that your dog doesn’t need to chew it anymore. Dry dog foods usually come in sizes appropriate for each dog breed and age. Kibbles are also specially designed into shapes that are highly suitable for specific breed only.

Kibbles should not just be pleasing to your dog’s nose. It should also be palatably great for your dog to always be eager during mealtime and not to skip its meal. Dry dog foods with good taste contribute to your dog’s appetite and so it will not be missing any nutritional requirements it needs in order to stay healthy.

Food allergy:
Dogs might suffer from itching, diarrhea or gatrointestinal problems. Such condition might be caused by food allergy. According to research, 10% of all instances of allergies in dogs are food allergies. Food allergies are usually caused by chicken, beef, wheat, eggs, pork, fish, and soy. Dogs fed with dry dog foods commonly suffer from food allergies. Nevertheless, dry kibbles are definitely not its cause. Dry dog food is a mixture of different foods rich in nutrients. So if your dog is allergic to chicken and the kibbles have chicken ingredients, your dog might suffer from allergy but kibbles do not originally cause the allergy. There are various causes of such allergy. It could be some environmental factors of some medical ones. Dogs are also individuals having differences in health condition which will affect its dietary needs. Thus, your dog’s condition should be considered when choosing a pack of kibbles. If your dog suffers from food allergy, elimination diet should be done and a follow up consulting to your vet should be done.

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Product reviews:

A female Pug owner says:
This food says that it’s for Pug, and it really is! And its so great! I used to feed my Pug with much more expensive brand before, thinking that the higher its price, the higher the quality would be. But I was totally wrong. My Pug started to dislike the food after a few weeks of feeding it to her. My husband says maybe it’s because I fed my Pug with some fresh meat and other natural foods. So I searched for other dry food brand that is much cheaper and I found this. My pug loves it a lot and she always finishes her meal. I’ve been feeding her this for 3 years and it was always excellent. Great quality for an unbelievably reasonable price.

A male dog owner says:
I used to feed my dog with a variety of foods— dry foods, wet foods, treats and foods I found in my kitchen that are suitable for dogs. All of a sudden, Buddy had some skin allergies. So I did an elimination test and I found out that the kibbles caused his alllergies. So I replaced that kibbles with this one and his allergy was gone immediately. He loves its taste, scent and texture and I personally love its shape and its packaging. Buddy is now much happier and so am I.