Read tips to buy dog toys online for dogs and puppies in India. 

✓✓ Balls toys are recommended for strong chewers. Kong Ball Dog Toy and more with price in India.

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It is not always that you can spend time with your dogs. When faced with such hectic schedules, you would need something that will not let your dog get bored. Dog toys are perfect to make your dogs occupied while they are having fun. These are also great to motivate them to exercise and to deal with their ruinous chewing behaviour before they munch your house down. Just like for kids, dog toys are also ideal as gifts for your dogs on special days as well as rewards for their good deeds and excellent performance or just for being simply cuddly. Whatever it may be, whether you are having your busy days or having problem with dog bites everywhere or just want to have a present to your dogs, toys suitable for them are all you need to have.


Followings are important points to consider while choosing best dog toys:

1. Dog Toys must be soft enough that it does not create unnecessary/secondary problems and diseases. It should be chemically neutral so that your dog does not get attack from allergies, etc. Dogs should feel free to play without fear of bad effect of toys.

2. Most of experts will recommend that your pet toys must be ball because it has many benefits. It helps puppies let play more easily without any threats. It is also fit for their chewing habits. It will also let you better play with your pet.

3. We will not recommend buying any other toys than ball. Other toys are not recommended because those can prove as serious threat to health of your dogs. Other toys can also prove harmful for dogs because they have chewing habits.

Choosing the best dog toy for your dog depend on their breed and chewing activity. It largely depends on behaviour as well. There are plenty of dog toys commercially available. We recommend you to buy Kong Sport Balls Dog Toy Assorted. It is best pet toy available in India.  (Simply click on Amazon linked picture given below. You must buy as it has proven result being used by our Pet expert editor. )

Extra Details (You can ignore reading below details):

Generally, there are four types of dog toys:

Fetch Toys:
These include bouncing and flying toys such as Frisbees, rings, Hurley dog bones and balls. These dog toys are perfect if your dog love to chase and also for you if you want to exercise, play and have fun with your dogs without being worn out.

Tug Toys:
These are wonderful dog toys, which will not only keep your dog busily chewing and tugging but will also keep their teeth and gums healthy, clean and strong. These are usually made of braided rope or other fabrics.

Food-Dispensing Toys:
If your dogs are fond of being rewarded with their favorite snacks or treats as they are challenged how to get those munchies, then they will surely love food-dispensing toys. These toys come in different adorable shapes and colors with openings, which can be filled with various treats and even with dog foods. The most common food-dispensing toys are the Kongs, Tug-a-Jug, Bob-a-lot, Waggle, and dog casino toys. These are usually made up of indestructible materials and are usually have that easy-to-roll and shake shapes. These toys exercise and train not just your dog’s body but definitely its mind too.

Chew Toys:
If your dog is a great chewer that leaves dog bites on your fave shoes, on the furniture, pillows and to almost anything in your house, then chew toys would be the best dog toys to have. These toys include bones, antlers, rawhides, and other chewy stuffed toys. Chew toys will depend on your dog’s biting and chewing activity. These toys should not be given to them without supervision as they may chew and swallow some bits of these.

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Product Reviews:

A male Pitbull owner says:
This is the best toy for my Perry. He used to chew my slippers and anything he can find on the floor. I had to take my dog to the doctor because it started generating problems to its health.
Hence, I bought this ball toy for him. It is very durable. He stopped chew anything in my house anymore except this toy. It does not have bad effect on his health as well.

A Doberman owner says:
My Milley love this toy and so am I. This ball can be thrown easily on any kind of surface condition. My puppy loves to pick it and chew. This puppy plays with this ball with great pleasure. I feel that it was mine best choice to choose this ball as toy for my dog. This dog toy is highly recommended to others as well.