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Large, powerful, and steadfast – these words usually describe a Rottweiler. However, behind those intimidating features is a good-natured, very protective, loyal and loving dog. Originally, Rottweilers are raised as working dogs, guard dogs and war dogs. They are known for their dominance and they are capable of herding livestocks and pulling carts for the butchers. These days, they serve as great and reliable police and military dogs while some are family guardians and companions.
Raising a Rottie is considered to be a challenging adventure. So whether you are planning to own, or you already owned a Rottweiler, it is essential to know the importance of a health, balanced diet for them.

Diet Chart Tips for Rottweiler puppies:
A Rottweiler puppy requires exceptional care and attention with its balanced diet. Solid foods should be gradually introduced to them after 4 weeks up to 9 weeks. This food shift from breastfeeding to solid foods should be done carefully and gradually.

An adult Rottweiler:

A Rottweiler’s diet should include these six main food nutrients. Signs of deficiency would be apparently seen if any of these food nutrients are inadequate. This change should take place for about 4 to 7 days. They could get these basic nutrients from the following:


The best and the most common way of feeding Rotties is by giving them dry foods, or also called as kibbles, three to four times a day. Highly and easily digestible formula such as that in kibbles develops and supports digestive health and an optimal stool consistency. Most of the formula are nutritionally complete and helps to support the development of strong immune system. There are various brands of dry foods available in the market from which you can choose from. One thing you should remember when choosing dry fooods for your Rottweiler is to check the ingredients and the nutritional lists. Contents should be more of meat rather than any other ingredients and by-products. Also, it is best to chose kibbles that are as natural as possible.


Canned Foods.

Canned food is a good choice of food for certain Rottweilers since it’s a great source of water. It’s ideal for Rotties that do not drink plenty or the right amount of water. Being rich in scent and taste, it is suitable for older dogs since their sense of smell has already deteriorated and they started to have difficulty in chewing. This food is also rich in flavour that any dog would love so it’s perfect when your Rottie is being picky with foods or when your dog gets sick and hesitates to eat anything. It is also recommended for dogs having vision problem.


Home-made Foods
If you prefer to make your own food for your Rottie, then it is essential to know what are the suitable foods that you can give to your dog and what are the no-nos. Rottweilers are meat lovers. Their diet should include meats such as beef, turkey, fish, and chicken, but do not give them chicken skin because these are indigestive for them. Raw vegetables, garlic, yogurt, cereals, bread, oatmeal, and occasional fruits should be also served to them. Foods like carrots are also good for them not just because these are healthy but also because it also cleanses away food particles left in their teeth.

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Hence, it indicates that your Rottweiler is receiving a healthy and balanced diet include having bright eyes, vividly colored and lustrous coat, maintaining proper weight and being vigorous and alert. Attaining the proper balance of your Rottweiler’s nutritional requirements is of supreme significance in keeping them healthy and happy. However, owning a Rottie is not just about feeding them. Before owning a Rottie, you should check whether it’s legal to keep them in your location.

Mistreated and untrained Rotties caused serious trouble to some citizens and other dogs. That’s why some cities prohibits raising and breeding Rottweilers. But with proper training, Rottweiler could turn into your best man’s-best-friend. Since they are big and strong and sometimes they are stubborn, training them requires physical strength and long patience. They are intelligent and so it is recommended to commence training at the earliest period. Lastly, give your Rottie tons of love, time and attention.


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A Rottweiler female owner says:
My long search for high quality dry food for my Rottie has ended when I found this brand. My Steph is a great food picker. I’ve tried different brands already but nothing comes to my Rottie’s taste. He will just smell the food, eat a little and go away. But now, I’m sure that he is getting the right nutrition that he needs. Thanks to this dog food! It’s really perfect for my Steph’s huge appetite and he loves it. His coat is really shiny a few days after I started feeding him with this food and he’s became more energetic now than before.

A Rottie male owner says:
I’m a dog lover so my friend sent me a 5-month old Rottweiler a year ago together with some bags of puppy food. I asked him if that’s really the food that, Sky, my new puppy was used to eat because it seems really not. Everytime I give him his bowl full with that food, he will just ignore it. So I went to my vet the next day and she recommends me this dog food. . I was really worried when I gave him this food thinking that he will still be a food snob. But it really, really works for Sky. Every meal time turns to be a specially happy one for him. I don’t have to look for him anymore and bring to him his bowl every meal time. And it’s all because of this dog food. Now, I see my Rottie grows so well and happily playing with my other dogs.

A Rottie male owner says:
I have a 2-year-old Rottie and I am feeding her the same brand since we I got her. I thought I am giving her the right dog food until she develops some allergies. My friend told me that it might be some food allergies and so she recommended me this brand of dog food. After feeding this to Missy for a couple of days, I noticed that her scratching and itching are gone. Her eyes became brighter and her coat became much more lustrous. I’m feeding her this dog food for more than a year and she didn’t have back those allergies. I am grateful to my friend and to this dog food. Missy is now more active and even healthier.