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Best Dog Food For Labrador in India

Labrador has been known as one of most popular, smart and friendly dog breeds in any place in the world. They are very outgoing and they love human companionship. Most of them serve as pets and family companions and they are widely known to guide blind persons or those who have autism and other disabilities. They also aid in therapy works. Some go with their masters during hunting and tracking while some are trained and used for athletic and sports ventures. But whether they are raised as pets, as sports dogs or as working dogs, they all have one thing in common. They generally do have enormous appetite. They love to eat and they rapidly become obese without proper knowledge of the appropriate foods that should be fed to them.

Extra Tips-Especially for Labrador puppies while planning their diet chart:

Feeding Labrador puppies requires special care. Ideally, puppies are separated from their mother after 8 weeks. This is a crucial stage because they will need to start to adjust. They should start eating solid foods by this time, so combining kibbles for puppies with water or milk replacement would help them. They should be fed about 3-4 times a day. Kibbles for puppies have different nutrient and mineral dosage as those of adult dog’s foods. Labrador puppies need greater amount of certain nutrients and lesser of the others as well as the adult Labradors. The nutrients that dog foods provide vary with the dog’s age so it is very important to be careful in picking dog foods.

Since they are said to be greedy with foods, they tend to eat anything that is in their bowl. Therefore, a balanced diet is a vital part of caring for Labradors. Their foods would depend on their age since nutritional needs change as they age. So what are the foods that should be best included in Labrador’s diet?

For Adult Labradors:
Labrador puppies will soon grow up and their dietary needs will also change. Thus, puppy foods will not be suitable for them anymore. They will now need more of protiens and calcium and other nutrients. They could get these from the following:

1. Dry Foods. According to dog food manufacturers, puppies should be fed with puppy kibbles until they are 12 months old or probably more for larger breeds. Most of the Labradors are fed with dry foods. Dry foods are usually made up of grains, meat, poultry, or fish, some milk products and vitamins, and mineral supplements. It comes in different sizes and shapes and is sprayed with fat or some other substance that will allure dogs to eat it. There are two types of dry foods, namely commercial and professional dry foods. Most of the common brands available in the market are the commercial dry dog foods while professional dry foods are those that can be found on pet shops and specialty stores. Professional dry foods are made up of premium ingredients and are usually more expensive than commercial dry foods. Dry dog foods provide them with nutritious, complete and balanced diet in just one pack.

2. Canned foods. Canned foods generally have higher content of moisture than those of the kibbles. Canned foods contain several ingredients such as muscle meats or poultry, grains and others that contain nutrients and vitamins that are necessary for the dog’s health. Canned foods are also best for older dogs that already have difficulty in chewing. Also, for Labradors that needs to have higher water intake and have some special dietary needs, canned foods are more appropriate for them.

3. Raw foods. Labrador’s digestive system is designed for digesting raw meats. Thus, some of them are fed with meat. About 70% of Labrador diet should contain proteins and feeding them with meat such as pork, beef or chicken meat, can give this nutritional requirement. Dogs prefer raw meat more than cooked ones. Rabbit meat could also be a great alternative to chicken if it’s available. Fresh fish meats are also rich in proteins. Some other appropriate foods for Labrador dogs are eggs, turkey, ribs of larger mammals such as lamb, beef, venison, or pork, some organ meats like heart and lungs in moderation are also great except for liver. Raw bones are natural source of calcium and phosporous which are important for their growth, strenght and development.

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[expand title=”General Tips for Labrador dogs and Food”]

Some people feel that kibble is the best way to feed a dog. Some people prefer feeding their Labrador with meats, while some have the canned food as their choice. Some also shift from one food choice to another and experiments to determine which food suits their ever-beloved dogs. The dog’s size, age, fitness condition, food taste preferences and the environment are the contributing factors in finding out their nutritional needs. Also, the dog’s activity determines the best food for them.

Domestic Labrador:
Most of the domestic Labradors already tasted all of the foods previously mentioned. Some are fed either with dry foods, canned foods or raw foods solely. Some dog owners give their Labrador a combination of canned foods and dry foods. They consider that canned goods should not be served to their dogs alone. Since canned foods have high water content which is about 75% of the food substance, they add up a portion of dry foods into it.

Sports Labrador-
Most of these dogs are fed only with canned foods and dry foods. Since they should remain fit and avoid obesity, dry and canned goods are ideal for them. Also, monitoring of foods and nutrients intake is also much easier with these choices of foods.

Working Labradors-
These kinds of Labradors are often engaged in hunting. Thus, they are given raw foods and meat to make them more accustomed and alert with the scent of flesh.
The choice of Labrador’s food is very crucial to their health. Feeding them is not just about filling up their bowl and letting them finish it and get full. In choosing the best Labrador food, considering their health is the most important thing to remember.


[expand title=”What our Happy customers says about editor’s recommendations”]
A Lab owner says:
This is the third time I’m buying this for my Sammy. My Lab used to have food problems before. He always didn’t finish his food and sometimes, didn’t even mind it. He’s also allergic to some foods. So I’ve been switching from one product to another. I’ve seen this product online and was amazed by the great feedbacks and reviews it was receiving. I gave this to Sammy and he loves it. He even left his bowl empty which is totally rare. His skin problems are gone and his coat becomes much softer and shinier. He’s also having healthier teeth. I won’t switch to any brand anymore.


A male Lab owner says:
My two Labradors love this food so much. They seldom eat foods other than this. Meredith, my Lab at home, is really a food picker. But when I fed her this, she instantly and thouroughly eat it. She likes its smell, its taste and its texture. She used to shed a lot before but not anymore today. Marco, my hunting dog is not much a food snob. But his stomach easily gets upset. But when I started feeding him this food, his stool becomes firmer and he doesn’t suffer digestive problems anymore. I’ll be surely feeding them with this for the next 10 years.

A female Lab owner says:
I rescued Bim, a Lab, a few months ago and she’s really thin and she got some wounds, scars and skin allergies. She easily got sick and didn’t have much appetite so I am really worried. I don’t know what food to give her. I got another dog but it’s a Shih Tzu so definitely, I can’t feed this Lab with my Shih Tzu’s food. I went to the well-known vet and I brought Bim so that he’ll have a check-up. The vet gave him some medicines and vitamins and this dog food. I continue to feed her with this brand and now she’s far from the Bim I rescued before. He now has lustrous and healthy-looking coat and he really gains weight. His bad breath is also gone. He’s now much stronger and healthier. Thanks to this dog food. It saves my Bim.