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Natural foods: 

You can also feed your puppy with moist and natural foods. Uncooked pet meats are recommended rather than those meats that are available in the market for human consumption. You can also give fresh but grated vegetables such as squash, carrots, spinach, and broccoli to your pup. Raw eggs are also excellent for it. Avoid feeding your pup with onions, grapes and raisins, chocolates, and corncobs. These foods may cause severe digestive problems and failures. Your pup should be given a variety of foods to eat to meet its dietary needs as it grows. However, it is best to consult your vet first before giving your dog anything to assure its optimal health.


Feeding adult German shepherd:
Premium dry foods especially formulated for German shepherd are best recommended for your GSD. Such foods are nutritionally complete making your dog much healthier and less prone to illness. Your GSD, being an active dog also needs lots of water so always fill up its bowl with clean and fresh water.

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Feeding German shepherd puppies:
Unlike any other breeds of dogs, German shepherd puppies’ digestive system can be easily upset. Thus, you should be wise and meticulous while deciding what foods to give to your young GSD. Diet is an extremely important part in growth of a German shepherd puppy since it will highly contribute to the health and development of your growing pup. Its food should be different from that of an adult GSD.

Caring for German shepherd puppies:
Caring for baby German shepherd would require more patience and care. You should do things that will help them settle. Provide your new puppy with a cozy and peaceful area in your house. Some consider buying a crater for their puppies but what is more important is that you give your puppy a nice and warm blanket where it can sleep soundly. It is also recommended, for the first days, to have its sleeping place near your bed to lessen the separation anxiety that it had experienced. This may also help your pup feel safe and sound and minimize its crying especially at night.

Premium dry foods: You should ensure that your puppy gets nutritionally balanced diet in its every meal. It is advised to give premium dry foods to your young GSD. Premium dry foods are easily digestible foods that contain high nutrients and minerals for that little GSD needs. German shepherd puppy kibbles are especially designed to suit your dog’s strong and sharp teeth. It is size, texture and shape that facilitates proper and easier chewing of foods.

If you are wondering how much dog food you should give to your little GSD, you can use so-called 30-minute method that is so easy and common. All you have to do is to fill up your dog’s bowl with 3 cups of kibbles and let your puppy eat as many as it wants within 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, measure the amount of the remaining dog food. 3 cups of dry foods is  amount that will be the right amount of food to be given to your puppy in every meal. Continue this test for about two more days to get the exact measurement.

Caring for German shepherd
German shepherds are naturally full of energy. So, it is needed to exercise regularly in order to burn their stored energy from the foods that they eat. They should have regular work out such as daily walking or running or playing with them. They are the kind of dogs that needs to stay active. If they get bored, they will start chewing and biting sticks, stones and any stuff that they could find in your house. They may also start barking and digging around the house if left dormant and unattended. This can be avoided if your dog has undergone proper training.

Simple obedience training at the earliest period is a great way to start training for your dogs. You can also teach your German shepherd to do certain tricks and commands and they can remember such acts after 2- 10 repetitions.
German shepherd does not demand a lot of grooming. They just need frequent baths and regular combing since they shed a lot. Your GSD also needs lots of space since it is a large and fun-loving dog. Make him stay in your garden frequently or take him for a walk to some parks.

German shepherd allergies
If you notice that your dog is bearing unusual and frequent itching, mostly around the ear area, and dryness or redness of the skin then your dog might be suffering from allergies. This may be caused by food allergies or various environmental factors. Your dog might be allergic to chicken or your dog food might contain ingredients that cause such skin reaction. Try doing elimination-eating habit to determine which food your dog is allergic to. Fleas and mites might also cause such skin problems. Using anti-itch and anti-bacterial shampoo might lessen the scratching and redness of your dog’s skin. However, it is still best to consult your vet before using any of these and to ensure your dog’s health condition and provide it with proper treatment.

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[expand title=”More details and introduction about German Shepherds”]

German Shepherd Dog, abbreviated as GSD also known as Alsatian Wolf Dog is a large breed of dog. As its name implies, it originated from Germany but it is now commonly raised in America and is being widely bred anywhere in the world. Being one of the most known dog breeds and due to its exceptional temperaments, many dog owners are persuaded to choose GSD over other breeds of dog.

German shepherds have large, strong and muscular body. In an average, a male GSD is around 24″ – 27″ tall at the withers and weighs about 85-100 pounds and a female GSD height is approximately 22″ – 25″ and about 55-75 pounds. They usually have double coat. They usually have a combination of tanned black or red and black color.

Personality and Temperament
German shepherd is known for being a strong, obedient, confident and vigorous dog. Just like other dogs, German shepherd is also sweet, loyal, protective and very much friendly. Some distinctive characteristics of GSD are its high intelligence and great devotion and willingness to serve human. German shepherd is a very smart breed of dog that is why they can be trained easily and they can learn and remember new things almost immediately. GSDs are also deeply devoted to their owners and other family members that they are willing to serve them until their last breathe. They have proven this many times already by saving people’s lives.

GSD as working, herding and domestic dog
Back on 1890, they are used as herding dogs. They are trained by the military as rescue, scout and messenger dogs. They are also trained to be a service dog with the police officers and are very dependable in doing detection and search and rescue operation such as searching for bombs and explosives. German shepherds serve as a domestic and guard dogs in most families.

German shepherd crosses breeds:
If you had fallen in love with German shepherd, you might also like its crossbreeds.
German shepherd and Labrador mix. It is known as Sheprador. Its face, back and body structure is more similar with a Lab but its legs and underneath looks like that of the GSD. It has the GSD’s playfulness, devotion and protectiveness and also the Lab’s loyalty, mild temperament and friendliness. They are also great family companion, house guard and watchdogs.
German shepherd and husky mix. Called as Gerberian Shepsky, usually has the mixed color of its parents. It’s intelligent, devoted and protective just like GSD. It also takes the Husky’s traits of being loving, playful, and great fondness of family. They are excellent domestic and working dogs.


[expand title=”What our Happy customers says about editor’s recommendations”]

A 28-year-old GSD owner says:
My 16-month-old GSD has such a sensitive stomach so I am very much cautious with the foods I gave him. I have consulted several vets and switched to different brands already until one of the vets I visited recommended this. My GSD eats definitely well now and he’s very much healthier as before.

A female GSD owner says:
Ginger, my GSD loves this kibbles a lot. Its shape is just perfect that my Ginger has to chew it before swallowing. Her coat visibly became much shinier and her breathe does not smell that bad as before. It is the greatest pack of kibbles I ever bought for her at a very reasonable price.

A male owner says:
I have bought this for my Tucker who has low appetite and so picky with foods. Since the day I tried giving this to him, I never switched anymore. He loves its taste, texture and smell, even me since it’s not as pungent as others. I will be feeding him with this for the next 10 more years.