Read here guide to buy best brand dog biscuits / dog treats in India.

✓✓ Fit for health of dog teeth and training of puppies training. ✓ Budget price.

Firstly, Let us get some Education about best product- What should be qualities of good dog food/dog biscuit/dog treat? (Watch below Educational video to know your answers)

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Dog treats are commonly and effectively used when training dogs. But dog treats are more than just that. These treats can also be used to show your affection to your dog and to reward them for their good deeds and actions. However, moderation should be observed in giving treats to your dog. Some dog treats also contain ingredients that might cause allergy to your dog. Thus, caution should also be observed when giving them these foods.


Biscuits are best as Dental dog treat and training:
Unhealthy teeth and other oral problems might cause your dog some difficulty in eating and might put your dog’s health at risk. Some dog treats are specially designed and formulated to facilitate in providing your dog with oral protection. Such dog treats could deter plaque formation and may reduce tartar. Dental dog treats are also especially produced to prevent bad breath-causing bacteria keeping your dog’s breath fresh and its teeth clean. Dog dental treats include rawhide chews, which could be cow’s hides or horse’s skin, and dogs dental biscuits, chews and bones. We recommend you to buy Choostix Biskies Dog Treat, 1 kg (Jar). It is best treat biscuit brand in India.  (Simply click on Amazon linked picture given below. You must buy as it has proven result being used by our Pet expert editor. )


Extra Useful Details from our Experts:

Why to buy Dog biscuit treats only?
Dog biscuits are crunchy and baked snacks. These common treats for dogs since most of these are low in calories, can be easily divided in pieces and are less expensive than other treats. Dog biscuits are healthy foods yet not as nutritious as dog foods so it should be given moderately.

Why not Dog chicken treats?
Dog chicken treats are primarily composed of chicken meat. These are usually more expensive than dog biscuits. Dog chicken treat should not be used as a dry kibbles replacement as it is intended for dog’s snacks and does not contain all the nutrients that your dog need.

Why not moist dog treats?
Moist dog treats are moist or semi-moist rolls freshly sealed in every pack. These treats are mainly composed of meat such as lamb and usually do not contain wheat, corn and gluten. These foods come in various flavours that your dog will surely love.

Why not always Home-made dog treats?
You may also give your dog natural treats that are more nutritious and low in calories. Feed them with carrots, apple, broccoli, banana, or berries. But never give them onions, grapes and raisins, caffeine and chocolate. Always consult your vet if you are not sure with the food that you will feed to your dog. Because not all foods that are good for human consumption are also good and stomach-friendly to them.

Frequency to feed:
Some dog treats contain high level of calories and giving your dog a lot of such kind of treat might cause its body to expand unhealthily and even cause diabetes and some other unwanted health conditions. The amount of calories that your dog gets from its treats should only be 10% of its daily calorie intake. It is better to consult your vet to be able to know how much calories does your dog needs and how much of dog treats should you give your dog.

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Product reviews

A female Dalmatian owner says:
I’m training my Spotty, a Dalmatian to do some tricks and this treat is just perfect. Spotty loves it a lot that he would always want to do some training. It’s also a good for his teeth. It cleanses his teeth and gums and his breathe is much fresher and better than before. It also comes in such a nice shape that my Spotty loves to chew and chew. It is also easy to break and does not crumble into pieces. I give Spotty several pieces of this and sometimes more than what my vet advised but Spotty didn’t gets overweight nor have any digestive issues. My Spotty is happy with his treat and that makes me happy as well.

A male Beagle owner says:
I’ve seen this on a store counter and tried it for my Beagle. He’s having an obedience training and this treat is just what he needs. Now, he follows me more and learns much easier. I highly recommend this treat for your dogs too!

A female Chihuahua owner says:
This treat is great for my little Chuhuahua. She never had any digestive problems since I started giving her this treat. She loves its taste and smell. It’s size id just good enough for my Sasha but she loves it more when it’s broken into pieces. It came in nice and fun size and shape, which I love, and it does not have that weird smell as other dog treats. I will buy her another pack of this and definitely more in the future.

A Basset Hound owner says:
I am so thrilled by this treat just like Baxter, my Basset hound pet. It does not contain high amount of calories so it’s just right for Baxter since he easily gets fat. It’s stomach-friendly and gives my pet pretty much cleaner teeth and fresher breath. It is a great thing to keep him busy chewing from time to time while staying healthy and fit.

Truly, dogs are man’s best friends. They serve as great companions and cheerful and active playmates. They guard houses, keeping their owners and other family members safe and secure. They are so devoted and so willing to serve. They could do things more than you can just imagine. Consciously or unconsciously, dogs have that magic that makes their owners feel so contented and happy within. For these reasons, they deserve to be rewarded. They deserve some delicious treats!