Best baby shoes in India for age group 12-18 months for both baby boy and girls. ☜➀☞ Designer Baby shoes which are light & sound under price 300, 500, 1000 rupees.

Why you should buy quality shoes for kinds?   Finding best shoes for your kids is essential especially for those who are learning sports or running.  Also, they would need the exact shoes that doesn’t hinder the development of their feet. We all know that at this stage of time, the shoe industry has made a lot of varieties of shoes for kids and sometimes their style are too fancy that it came to the point that it is no longer appropriate for kids.

In this article, we will talk about the tips in choosing the right kind of shoes for your kids.

Choose a shoe whose upper material is soft, breathable and washable.

We have selected  Puma Unisex Velize II FG Jr Sports and Outdoor Shoes as best shoes for kids in India. We highly recommend you to buy below shoes for your kids which are fit for all sports activities also:

Above mentioned shoes are under budget of 3000 rupees but it has really good quality and you must not ignore it. (It is really beneficial for your kids considering it’s great features.)

Kids Shoes to buy under 500 Rupees (Cheapest shoes- Worth value for money: But we still recommend above mentioned branded shoes only.)

We understand that some people can not afford to buy branded shoes which are expensive in general. We will recommend to buy Spiderman Boys Sports Shoes under cheapest price category for kids. You should buy original products from below link:

Important Features that we always recommend for your kids shoes:

-Low, Flat-to-the-ground Profile
It is important that the shoes you pick for your kid would allow him/her to do all play related activities like climbing, jumping and running. The shoe must not have a slope from the heel to forefoot.

-Supple materials that allow natural foot function
You must choose a shoe that can bend easily at the joints of the toes in which the foot is designed to bend and does not delay the forming and stiffing of the arch.

-A wide toe box to allow natural spread of the toes
You must choose a shoe where the child can spread its toes naturally and not be compressed. Its not good that the toes of the child will be tighten up or be wrapped up.

-Simple Midsole/Outsole
It is best to keep the midsole/outsole simple since its role is to protect your child’s foot from unnatural and natural surfaces.

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In addition, when you buy a pair of shoes for your child then make sure that you get the right fit. Try it on on your child’s feet and let them stand. Choose a shoe that is not too big nor small but that has enough space. We highly recommend you to buy shoes/footwear from best online website in India (Click here).

-Shoe Construction
There are four parts that a shoe is made of: the upper, the insole, the outer sole and the heel.

-Upper Sole
Leather, canvas or the newer mesh materials are the suggested materials to be used for the upper part of the shoes since Childers’s feet perspire a lot.

It is best when the insole is made from absorbent materials or padded insoles. We highly recommend you to buy shoes/footwear from best online website in India (Click here).

-Outer Sole
The role of the outer sole is that it gives traction, flexibility and cushioning to the shoe. The disadvantage of thick and sticky soles is that it makes the children clumsy.

Toddlers doesn’t need heels on their shoes but they need a flat outer sole to make it easier to walk. It is okay for older children to wear shoes with heels but not too high since it can cause the feet to slide forward and cramp the toes. We highly recommend you to buy shoes/footwear from best online website in India (Click here).

These shoes are applicable to all age group from of 3,4,5 and 10, 15 years old.

– 32 years old woman who has a 5 year old son

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